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How to Simplify your Summer

How to Simplify your Summer

I love summer!

I have been known to drive my family crazy with my big expectations for what the summer months bring. In my mind, I have endless time and resources to do all the activities and things I want to accomplish . However, my reality is slightly different. By the time school starts, I’m usually disappointed. I have home projects left undone and a list of friends with whom I didn’t connect!

One year I created a summer bucket list. We were moderately successful at checking things off the list. We started off strong, steadily completing the activities, but lost momentum as August approached. Then, the week before school started, we crammed in as many things as possible.

Another year, I simplified our list. Each family member chose one thing they wanted to do, together we brainstormed what each would look like and created a plan to make it happen.

This year I am trying something new. My kids and I are working our way through the book The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations. It is full of “60 ultimate try-something-new, explore-the-world activities”. It includes lessons on building a tent, writing coded letters, and finger knitting, as well as crafts and activities. It’s ideal for boys and girls ages 8 and up. However, there are a few things in the book that my 15-year-old is looking forward to doing.

My kids have gone through and tagged the pages that interest them the most. Some of the activities will require that we purchase supplies ahead of time, while many others can be done on a moment’s notice with whatever is on hand at home–which makes it an invaluable resource for when the kids say, “I’m bored.”

Everything we need for each daring deed and epic creation is listed so I won’t waste time in the planning process. Instead I can focus on connecting with my kiddos.

Not only is it a step-by-step guide for fun, but it also contains key verses and biblical takeaways that foster spiritual growth. It’s a fantastic companion to the NIV Adventure Bible.

We may not have the perfect summer, and that is okay. There will be days when things don’t go as planned, but there will also be ones that exceed our expectation. I am excited that we have a plan for our summer days but I am even more excited to have simple-yet-fun things to do with my kids.

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Your Turn

How have your family plans gone this summer? What are some simple yet fun activities you can add in before summer is over? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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