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The Invisible Mom

The Invisible Mom

“Does anyone see me?”

The rise in social media is evidence that this question matters. So many of us want to feel noticed. We update our statuses, post pictures, and expose parts of our lives that a decade or so ago would have remained unknown, invisible, and unseen.

I’m not against social media, but do you ever wonder why we are so drawn to it all?

I think that it’s partly because we have a God-given desire to know and be known by other people. This is certainly a good thing. But I think there is also a lot more we desire, especially as moms.

We really want to know that the little and routine things in our lives matter. Just having other people know, see, and understand helps us cope with the ironic, silly, painful, frustrating, and at times, overwhelming moments of being a mom!

We want someone to see us. We desperately want to know that we are not “just” moms.

But there’s also this myth that what is seen by other people somehow adds more value or worth. We want to be seen because in someway if others recognize it, observe it, or are informed about it, it feels more meaningful. We can often think that what is seen or noticed is more significant.

My friends, as moms, we need to be careful of buying into this myth! The unseen does not equal unimportant.

God sees you right where you are.

I am reminded of the story of Hagar in the desert. Abraham and Sarah had forced her to leave and now she was alone with her young son in the desert. It is there, all alone, and presumably out of sight, when Hagar discovers she is never out of God’s sight. He is El Roi – the God who sees. He sees her right where she is even in her darkest moments. The God we serve is still the God who sees.

God name El Roi

Do you ever struggle with the unseen? As a mom, do you fight the temptation to think that you are unnoticed or unimportant? Let me encourage you that you are not alone.

You are not an invisible mom.

But we can’t stop there. Let me remind you of some simple and practical truths from God’s Word.

God’s approval matters most – There will only be one person who will give the final assessment and approval of our life. There will only be One who can utter the words, “Well done.” The psalmist says, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.” (Psalm 118:8). Live for God’s approval above all else!

Don’t see these years as hard years, but “heart years.” – God often uses hidden years to develop within us a heart of integrity and faithfulness. Moses was a shepherd in the desert long before he publicly stepped on the stage in defiance of Pharaoh.

As hard as the unseen years can be, God uses them to teach us and refine us. Many people can be great in public, but few are equally as great in private. As a mom, set your heart on honoring your God and family, even if nobody sees it.

No matter where you are, and no matter who sees you, may you be reminded that God sees you. In Jesus, you are loved and accepted not because of what you do, but because of what Christ has done for you.

When you wrestle with the unseen, let your heart rest in knowing that God does some of his best work in the hidden years. You are not alone and the unseen does not equal unimportant!

Here is a great resource to help you remember those “unseen” years. Memories from Mom: My Journal of Faith and Love is a beautiful keepsake and a perfect addition to your home this Mother’s Day. This illustrated journal offer prompts and fill-in-the-blank sections for you to record your thoughts on family history, childhood memories, humorous incidents, cherished traditions, how God has blessed your family, and your dreams and spiritual adventures encountered through a lifetime of living. The completed journal can be passed down and cherished from generation to generation!

Your Turn

Do you ever feel like you’re an invisible mom? How do you remind yourself of God’s truth in those moments? Leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you!