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Jesus Followers: Our Worship

Jesus Followers: Our Worship

From Rachel-Ruth’s Heart

I remember many other occasions when Tai Tai, my grandmother, set a limit to my complaints. She would certainly listen and had enormous compassion and wisdom. But she also had the discernment to tell when I was in a whiny mood or just feeling sorry for myself. In those moments, she would tilt her head down in order to muster the deepest voice she could croak out and begin singing an old spiritual:

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.
Nobody knows but Jesus.

Hearing that deep voice come out of such a tiny woman always put a smile on my face. She used her sense of humor and her ability to commiserate with me to gently remind me to talk to Jesus about whatever the issue was and to quit feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been guilty of impatiently shutting my kids down when I can tell they are feeling sorry for themselves or are just in a whiny mood. Dropping the hammer certainly stops the pity party, but it may not help their hearts recover as quickly as a sense of humor, compassion, and good old-fashioned distraction. Tai Tai was a master at all three!

Tai Tai — Rachel-Ruth's grandmother

It’s been said that discouragement is the devil’s calling card. He loves to use discouragement to divide relationships, halt effective work, and deflate us to the point that we can hardly function. We have to watch out, knowing the enemy is ultimately behind whatever is discouraging us or our loved ones.

  • Worshipping the Lord is the best way to fight discouragement.

Tai Tai showed me three practical ways to do this: Focus on the blessings in my life, carry a song in my heart, and keep a sense of humor to help remove any traces of discouragement.

Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time men began to call on the name of the Lord. — Genesis 4:26

Introduction from Anne

An authentic witness is inextricably linked to a heart devoted to worship. Abel effectively passed the Baton of Truth to his little brother, Seth, who then passed it to his son, Enosh. It was during Enosh’s lifetime that people began to call on the name of the Lord. The subtle implication is that Enosh in some way helped lead people in worship.

What would have motivated Enosh to worship God? I wonder whether it was the negative example of his Uncle Cain, who would still have been alive in Enosh’s lifetime.

While Enosh witnessed the negative example of his Uncle Cain, he also was
given a front-row seat to the godly example of his own father, Seth. But God has no grandchildren! While Seth could pass on a godly heritage, Enosh could not inherit a personal relationship with God. That had to be his own choice. And living in the midst of an increasingly godless civilization, Enosh made that choice.

When he did, others seem to have followed his lead. I wonder whether his friends and neighbors worshipped individually. Or did they join Enosh in corporate worship? All we are told in Scripture is that it was during the lifetime of Enosh that “men began to call on the name of the Lord.”

Public worship must arise out of a private, intimate, authentic relationship with God, or it can become perfunctory and religious. Just a tradition with rituals to keep.

  • For worship to be contagious, it must also be personal. From the heart. Based on a vibrant faith, rooted in the Truth.

How would you describe your worship? Is it mechanical or heartfelt? And what does heartfelt worship communicate? What role does it play in effectively passing on the Baton of Truth? Let’s find out...

Transcript from Jesus Followers study guide by Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright.

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Your Turn

Let’s stop and ask ourselves, “Do I call on the name of the Lord? And, am I influencing others to call upon Him as well?” Powerful questions! Let’s dive into the Word every day and listen intently to what the Lord has to say as we bring Him our heartfelt worship.

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