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Jesus In Me: One Thing I Know for Certain

Jesus In Me: One Thing I Know for Certain

I have heard the Holy Spirit spoken of as an “it,” a feeling, a dove, a flame of fire, a ghost, an emotion, or even an ecstatic experience. He is referred to as the third Person of the Trinity, as though He is the least of the Trinity, or a postscript to the more sig­nificant Father and Son. All of which is inaccurate.

While the Holy Spirit may be symbolized by a dove or flame of fire, while His presence may be accompanied by an emotion or feeling or ecstatic experience, He Himself is distinctly separate from those things. The Holy Spirit is not a thing but a Person.

So at the outset of our exploration of who the Holy Spirit is, keep in mind that He is a living Person who has a mind, a will, and emotions. He is referred to as the third Person of the Trinity not because He is the least, but because He is the third Person to be more fully revealed in Scripture.

One thing I know for certain: The Holy Spirit is not an optional extra in my Christian life. He is a divine necessity.

My prayer for you is that God Himself will draw near to you and you will experience the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit in a fresh new way. And as a result, you will come to love Him even more. The Holy Spirit is wonderful. He is our Helper. He is our Comforter. He is our Counselor. He is our Strengthener. Our Standby. Our Advocate. Our Intercessor. He is another Jesus . . . Jesus living in us.

And maybe especially in these times of isolation and chaos, I can’t wait for you to get to know Him better.

Written for FaithGateway by Anne Graham Lotz, author of Jesus in Me.

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