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Jesus In Me Week 6 — Living in the Precepts of the Holy Spirit

Jesus In Me Week 6 — Living in the Precepts of the Holy Spirit

All Scripture is God-breathed2 Timothy 3:16

The Bible works. Choose to place your faith in the Bible as being true, inerrant, inspired, infallible for the simple reason that it’s God-breathed. ~ Anne

Welcome to session six of Jesus In Me. How is your personal study going? Are you carving out time for yourself to really dig in while you list the facts, learn the lessons, listen to His voice, and live in obedience? What has been changing in your mind and heart during these weeks? We would love to know!

Do you love your Bible? Are you attached to it as much as your phone? I completely spaced out on Sunday and accidentally left my daily Bible in the car after church and it took that episode for me to realize that, it’s been over a year now, but my “new” Bible has become my necessary friend. I had to find it before doing anything else. Do you know what I mean?

It’s God’s Word. It’s backed by His character! ~ Anne

When you get comfortable with your Bible, you know exactly where to flip for the verse that you’re looking for. The one you underlined in pink, or the one with a green sticky note next to it. The promises God has made to you are dated in the margins and ink has gotten blurry with tears. Hebrews 4:2 says that the Word is living and effective, and you know it’s true because you’ve read something before and all of the sudden those same verses pop off the page practically in 3D like they were written just for you. So, you highlight and circle them to remember the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

He’s the Spirit of truth. He doesn’t lie. The Bible is truth because the Holy Spirit is a truth teller. Even when we wrestle with certain sections that confuse and baffle us, we can trust that there is redemption as well as truth there.

Doubting God’s Word leads nowhere good. ~ Anne

But, reading it, loving the Word, and scribbling in the margins is just the beginning. We have to put it into practice. God gave us the Bible as a gift; it’s a tool to teach us what to do and not do, and how to live the best life!

In God’s Word, He gives us instructions for living. ~ Anne

We’re never going to do it perfectly while we’re bound by human bodies. But, Jesus is the example in the Bible and the Holy Spirit lives within us to guide and direct as fix our eyes on Him all the way to the finish line!

From Genesis to Revelation, follow the Creator’s directions for life. Live by the precepts of the Holy Spirit. ~ Anne

This week in your study:

  1. Study first! Grab your Bible and enjoy your personal study this week on pages 91-105.
  2. Then, watch the video for session six of the Jesus In Me on our study home page and take notes in your study guide on pages 106-109 and hang around to go through the questions afterward!
  3. Join the conversations about this week’s teaching in our private Facebook group.

Scriptures this Week

John 16:13a
2 Timothy 3:16
Revelation 19
Jeremiah 36:4
Jeremiah 36:16-18
Jeremiah 36:19-23
Jeremiah 36:27-29
Genesis 3:1b
Matthew 5:18b
2 Kings 5:14

Prayer for the Week

Holy Spirit, we love You. Thank You for Your Word which You gave to teach and direct us how to live our lives. Instruct our hearts, open our eyes, teach us to follow. Help us to walk wisely with You and stay within Your precepts with tender spirits that listen and learn. We want to be more and more like You. We love You, Holy Spirit! Amen.