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Jesus Piled on Mercies

Jesus Piled on Mercies

He embraced His chosen child, Israel; He remembered and piled on the mercies, piled them high. It’s exactly what He promised, beginning with Abraham and right up to now. — Luke 1:54–55 (MSG)

Soon after Mary received a visit from the angel telling her she would give birth to Jesus, the Son of God, she left to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was also miraculously pregnant in her older age, carrying the forerunner of Jesus: John the Baptist.

Following Elizabeth’s joyful greeting, Mary broke into a spontaneous song of her own. In the well-known “Magnificat,” Mary’s praise-filled words acknowledged the wonder of what had happened to her and how it would affect future generations. But her declaration of praise centered on the One Who had made all things possible — for her and for Elizabeth.

I love this Message translation that shows so clearly heaven’s track record. Mary told how God had “embraced” the nation of Israel like a chosen child. And beginning with Abraham, where God first revealed His covenant of blessing, Mary said God “remembered and piled on the mercies, piled them high… right up to now.” Not only was Mary talking about herself as a recipient of those mercies, but she also was carrying the Promise fulfilled inside her: Jesus.

We, as God’s children, are also the beneficiaries of that covenant blessing.

At Christmas, and all year long, Jesus continues to pile on the mercies.

Romans 5:5 (msg) says,

We can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives.

For us, like Mary, His grace, mercy, and love are overwhelming benefits to those who will believe — and receive. That would make anyone want to break out in song.

~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

Faith Step: How has Jesus piled on mercies in your life this year? Take time to remember today, and thank Him for remembering His promise — and that you are a recipient of those mercies.

Excerpted with permission from Mornings with Jesus 2016: Daily Encouragement for Your Soul, copyright Zondervan.

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