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Journey to the Cross

Editor’s Note: Today is Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday), the day Jesus celebrated the Passover, the Last Supper with His disciples. The derivation of the word Maundy comes from the Latin word “command” and refers to what Jesus called us to do when He washed the feet of His disciples — love and serve one another.

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This was God’s plan which He had made long ago; He knew all this would happen. —Acts 2:23 (NCV)

Jesus died… on purpose.

No surprise. No hesitation. No faltering.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way he dies. And the way Jesus marched to His death leaves no doubt: He had come to earth for this moment.

Read the words of Peter.

Jesus was given to you, and with the help of those who don’t know the law, you put Him to death by nailing Him to a cross. But this was God’s plan which He had made long ago; He knew all this would happen. — Acts 2:23 NCV

No, the journey to the cross didn’t begin in Jericho. It didn’t begin in Galilee. It didn’t begin in Nazareth. It didn’t even begin in Bethlehem.

The journey to the cross began long before. As the echo of the crunching of the fruit was still sounding in the garden, Jesus was leaving for Calvary.

~And the Angels Were Silent

Excerpted with permission from Grace for the Moment, Volume II by Max Lucado, copyright Max Lucado.

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Your Turn

Today on this Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday), write a prayer of thanks to God for His great plan— a plan of grace, mercy, and love. We’d love to hear it! Come share with us on our blog! ~ Devotionals Daily