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My Kids Are Treasure Hunters

The Jesus Bible, NIV highlights all the places Jesus is present and mentioned throughout Scripture, his promises and teachings, and how Jesus’ teachings apply to everyday life.

My kids are treasure hunters.

My husband and I send our kids on adventures – but they are not kind that promise to yield pirate’s gold or the Ark of the Covenant. They are adventures that take our children through the house, backyard, or the local park searching for clues that will lead them to their birthday or Christmas present. It is a fun tradition that has carried over from my childhood.

Instead of handing my little ones a box wrapped with shiny paper and topped with a bow, we give them an index card. On it is written a riddle, rebus, or word puzzle for them to solve. Depending on the occasion, they work alone, compete against each other, or work together.

The fun is in the journey.

Treasure hunts are not just for the occasional gift; they’re for parties too. My daughter’s birthday falls near St. Patrick’s Day, so when she turned seven, I adopted the theme for the celebration. I sent her and her friends on a quest to find chocolate gold coins. Divided into two groups, the guests were tasked with deciphering codes and finding clues that would lead them to the end of the rainbow.

Following the leads and cracking the codes builds anticipation.

This past Christmas our children took on the role of ‘mastermind’ and created a treasure hunt for their cousins. More memorable than receiving a gift to my nieces and nephew was the challenge they shared together. At the end, their little eyes beamed with a sense of accomplishment.

Like hunting for treasure, we also try to teach our children than reading the Bible is an adventure.

Starting in Genesis, God hints of His rescue plan for mankind. Promises and prophecies can be found throughout the scriptures that foretell the coming of a Savior, Jesus. Sometimes the clues are obvious and other times it takes a bit of study to make the connections.

Thanks to The Jesus Bible, reading the Word of God has become the ultimate treasure hunt formy kids. The introduction at the beginning of each book asks the question “Where is Jesus in this book?” He’s easy to find, even in the Old Testament, through highlighted text called Hints of the Savior. These scripture passagescorrespond with Jesus Revealed in the New Testament. This children’s Bible also includes Daily Devotions and application notes that give lessons on how to Live Like Jesus.

I am so glad that my kids have found a Bible that speaks to what they love… stringing clues together.

Do you have a young child who loves fun facts? The Adventure Bible might be perfect for them. Does your tween love to ask questions that you sometimes don’t know the answers too? Check out the Youth Quest Study Bible. Maybe your children are in their teens and want to learn how to defend their faith. They’ll learn a lot from the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible.

Choose the right Bible for your child and reading the Bible will become an adventure.

Your Turn

What is your favorite kids’ Bible, and why?

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