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Life Is Just a Dash - Live It With Love!

The Dash by Linda Ellis 9781400319985


I recently had dinner with someone who told me that one of his best friends had been killed in a private plane crash. Something had happened at the memorial service that he would never forget. He shared the story with me.

At the service, his friend’s wife walked to the podium to speak to the gathering. She said a friend had asked her the best memory she had of their life together. At the moment, she had been too grief stricken to answer, but she had thought about it since and wanted to answer the question.

They were in their late forties when he died, and she began talking about a time in their life almost twenty years earlier. She had quit her job to obtain her master’s degree, and her husband never wavered in his support. He held down his own job and also did the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores while she studied for her degree.

One time they both stayed up all night. She was finishing her thesis, and he was preparing for an important business meeting. That morning, she walked out on their upstairs loft, looked at him over the railing, and thought about just how much she loved him. She knew how important this meeting was to his career, and she was feeling guilty that she hadn’t even had time to make his breakfast. He grabbed his briefcase and hurried out.

She heard the garage door open and close, but much to her surprise, she heard it open again about thirty seconds later. From above, she watched her husband dash into the house and walk over to the neglected coffee table.

Tracing his finger through the dust, he wrote the words “I love you.” Then he raced back to his car.

The new widow then looked out at her audience and said, “John and I had a wonderful life together. We have been around the world several times, we’ve had everything money can buy… but nothing comes close to that moment.”

Our Dash moves with lightning speed.

It feels like yesterday that I graduated from college… and now decades have passed. Although I’m very proud of my business accomplishments,

in the end my life comes back to loving and being loved. Embrace every opportunity you have to love the people in your life!

Love from the center of who you are… hold on for dear life to good. – Romans 12:9

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Your Turn

You know that saying, “The days are long, but the years are short”? I think it’s easy during long days to forget that our dash dashes by! And that we are called to love one another every single day, not just when it’s convenient or easy. That’s so convicting to me. How about you? Are you consciously loving others with all of your heart? Join the conversation on our blog! We would love to hear from you! ~ Laurie McClure, Devotionals Daily