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For the Love Book Club Starts Tuesday

For the Love Book Club Starts Tuesday

It’s almost here! (I have not been this excited since Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake started the History of Rap series.)

On Tuesday night we launch our four-week For the Love Book Club with Jen Hatmaker!

And, guess what? Look who I caught up with at Women of Faith this weekend!


Many of you who signed up for this book club know Jen pretty well from her blog, books, or HGTV show, but you may not know much about me, your book club leader/moderator. Before we get acquainted in our live video hangouts… just so you know, Jen and I have waaay too much in common. Really, we should be best friends. We both have five kids — some bio and some adopted, some brown, some more of a creamy peach-ish in tone. We both have a deep-seated love for Ethiopia. We are both PK’s (Preacher’s Kids)… seriously, that should be enough right there. (Shout out to my Poppy who launched into Glory last month and who only told 7,891 embarrassing stories about us kids from the pulpit. Thanks, Pops!). We both have semi-sporadic, tiny episodes of dramatic emotion (whatever, man) and occasional moments of public embarrassment. And, we both have good teeth. See? Besties already!

Ok, so between now and Tuesday, your only “homework” is to try to read most of Section 1 — Your Very Own Self (Chapters 1-8)! If you don’t, it’s ok, we won’t take off book club brownie points. But, I think you’ll enjoy the chat more if you’re already all Jenned up and prepped to ask her a few questions!

Are you ready?

In case you’re stumbling upon this blog post from Internet land, you can still sign up for the For the Love Book Club!

>>> Register here and get all your free goodies to get started.