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Making Your Small Group Work Intro

Making Your Small Group Work: Intro

Small Group Leaders play a critical role in helping people grow and share their faith. FaithGateway is committed to helping leaders by providing high quality resources created by top Christian authors. For a limited time, we are making this entire 4-part course, plus 16-tip eNewsletter available to FaithGateway members. We hope you enjoy this streaming video course titled, “Making Your Small Group Work.”

Making Your Small Group Course

You are about to embark on a revolutionary journey into what it means to be a safe, caring, and helpful small group community. Making Your Small Group Work is a learning process, an environment where you will discover how to grow in faith as you build authentic relationships and accomplish the purpose for which you gathered.

As a teaching and training tool, Making Your Small Group Work is more than simply a series of lectures. It is designed to bring you the practical insights of Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue, and John Townsend by using training talks, creative dramas, and small group experiences which will guide you in becoming an effective group.

If this is your first group experience, this material will lead you one step at a time, helping you develop the relational environment in which groups thrive. If you have had other group experiences, chances are you need a refresher course—or maybe you were never exposed to some of these ideas. It is good to take a few meetings and make sure the whole group is on track—whether you are a newcomer or an experienced small group person.

Perhaps a few of you are skeptical because you had a poor group experience in the past—in church, at work, or with a volunteer organization. It might have been the leader, or the group process, or maybe the curriculum, or the members—or all of the above. No group is perfect. But in many cases, groups fail simply because no one ever helps them discover how to really be a group.

Learning to be an effective group is just as important as the material your group is studying. We believe that as you learn the skills and processes for developing a meaningful group experience, you will experience spiritual growth and be able to use your materials more effectively. Whether you are a Bible study, a prayer group, a ministry team, a work group, or a home group, Making Your Small Group Work is designed to help you connect deeply, focus on your purpose, grow in life skills, and become a powerful community for transformation.

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