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Making Your Small Group Work Session 2

Session 2: Five Habits of Life-changing Groups

Five habits that create a grace-filled, truth-telling group:

• Being “for” each other
• Encouraging each other
• Coming alongside one another

• Having a “come-as-you-are” culture
• Feeling safe enough to be yourself
• Accepting each other unconditionally

• Being “real” with each other
• Taking relational risks with one another

• Hebrews 10:24—spurring one another on
• Pushing each other to take growth steps
• Naming areas where growth needs to happen

• Providing resources others may need
• Can be practical: helping move, filing tax returns, etc.
• It’s also about asking for help when it’s needed

Drama: Using the Five Habits

As you watch the drama, look and listen for how group members use the five habits.

  • What is the one habit that most resonated with you or is most important to you and why?

Making Your Small Group Course