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Making Your Small Group Work Session 3

Session 3: Setting Ground Rules

Session 3 includes the following video segments:

  1. What are Ground rules (22 minutes)
  2. How’d It Go? (1 minute)
  3. Closing Thoughts (2 minutes)

“Segment One: What Are Ground Rules?”
• Ground rules provide the “guard rails” for a group

  • Clear expectations are essential for a good outcome
  • Ground rules ensure that the five habits flourish in the group

• The role of the leader

  • Responsible for making sure the ground rules work
  • Stewards the process and purpose of the group

Definition: Ground rules are rules agreed upon by all members of the group that ensure the group process works.

Examples of ground rules:
• Begin and end on time
• Attend the meetings!
• Call when you can’t come
• Appoint a timekeeper
• No interrupting or carrying on separate conversations
• Participation
• Confidentiality/safety
• Bring up issues or dissatisfaction right away
• Leave the group well

What we covered in Session 3:

• Ground rules exist to guard and protect the habits so that the group process goes well
• Ground rules need to be clear and agreed upon by everyone in the group

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