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May the Faith Be With You: Sharing Jesus

May the Faith Be With You: Sharing Jesus

Editor’s Note: Calling all Jedis! In May the Faith Be With You, a brand-new 180-day devotional for the sci-fi, Star Wars, Trekkie, Comic Con fan, you’ll learn the highest, truest, and most rewarding way to a life of wisdom, adventure, and courage, apprenticing with the Ultimate Master himself — Jesus Christ.

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You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Then you will tell people about me from one end of the earth to the other. — Acts 1:7-8

Master Moment

After Jesus went to heaven, the disciples remembered things He had said to them before.

Ways of Wisdom

Jesus was gone, but the disciples did not forget Him. They remembered things Jesus had taught them. Jesus told them to teach people all over the world about God’s love. So the disciples talked and prayed. They made plans. They followed Jesus’ example. They decided to teach others.

Use the Force

God, I want to be a good example of Your love. Please let me have chances to tell other people about Your Son.

Excerpted with permission from May the Faith Be With You, copyright Zonderkidz.

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