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Meet Chrystal Evans Hurst!

Meet Chrystal Evans Hurst!


The first thing you should know is that writing specifically to tell you about myself is hugely unnerving for me. So here’s what I’d tell you if I had a minute-to-spin-it.

I’m a…

Jesus girl. Wife. Mom. Writer. Speaker. Singer. Homeschooler. Bibliovore. Techie. Hopeless Romantic. Starbucks Junkie. Foodie. Fashion Newbie. Runner Wannabe. Sweet Tea Connoisseur.

…and a lover of all things that refresh.


I am a wife to a gentle giant named Jessie who had no idea what he was getting into when he asked me to marry him, bless his heart. We have five children – we each gave a girl to each other on our wedding day – and we’ve added three Jessie “look-a-likes” since we said I do. We’ve got college-life and kindergarten happening simultaneously under our roof and while we are a little frazzled, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I consider myself blessed to be the mother in an awesome family and also to be a daughter in an awesome family. I am the first born of a man and woman who have shown me what it means to love Jesus, love their family, and work hard to establish a legacy. I am the sister of siblings who value the legacy they’ve been handed and take their own callings and destinies seriously.


And I take my faith seriously…

I am a sinner saved by grace who is grateful to be a daughter of the King. I am a benefactor of second chances and stand amazed that Christ Jesus lives in me. I am a diamond in the rough who is glad to be a work-in-progress in the hands of a Master.

I am learning everyday what I believe about my past, present, and future and am compelled to share my lessons and experiences so that God’s work in me may be an encouragement to others.


I’m a “used-to-be”, corporate, career-minded, bean-counter, on-the-path-to-big-bucks, single gal…

…turned homeschooling, bread-baking, garden-growing (or at least attempting), cloth-diapering, mommy-blogging, family-minded dame…

…turned work-at-home-mom who shamelessly uses paper plates, keeps a stock of frozen pizzas on hand, strives for small victories in her battle with the #fatdemon, and is simply in the thick of figuring out how to keep the plates spinning and the balls in the air.

In addition to my main line of work as a mother and a wife, I serve in the women’s ministry in my local church, lead worship on occasion, and have recently completed a new Bible study — The 28-Day Prayer Journey. In short, I’m on a roller coaster hanging on for dear life.

So…it’s nice to meet you… I hope you think it’s nice to meet me!

What do you say we make this our year of prayer? I hope you’ll join me for The 28-Day Prayer Journey Online Bible Study.

We get started on January 18th!

Starting on January 18, 2021, Chrystal will walk us through four postures of personal prayer called out in Scripture with the acronym P.R.A.Y. — thanksgiving & praise (P), repentance (R), requesting/asking (A), yielding (Y).

This hopeful and supportive experience will help us understand why prayer is worth the effort, how to cultivate a heart of gratitude, what repentance offers us, how to ask boldly, and humbly, and what it means to surrender to God.

Will you join us?

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