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Mothers Day: On Eagles' Wings

Mothers Day: On Eagles' Wings

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from all of us at Devotionals Daily! We pray for moms, grandmothers, soon-to-be mamas, step-mothers, moms-in-law, foster mothers, and those who step in to fill the mother gap for the motherless that you would be celebrated and loved on today.

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But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. — Isaiah 40:31

My children ran up the steep path, unaware Mom was left behind. Their shouts of “I’ll beat you to the top!” filtered down. I sat on the large rock, my head on my arms, tears running down my face. The park was our favorite place to picnic and explore. My children and I hadn’t visited in a long time because chemotherapy, radiation, and two surgeries had overtaken my calendar.

With my treatments finally ended, I wanted nothing more than to return to normal life again. But I was exhausted. Things that once came easily now seemed impossible. Like climbing the steep, rocky path to the top of the hill. I used to run up these rocks, laughing with my children. Now I could only walk partway up. My stamina dipped below zero. As I sat there, I wondered: Will life ever be the same? Will I ever be the same?

It’s now been two decades since I sat on the rock and cried. It hardly seems possible! My young children are grown and I’m a grandma to four beautiful babies. Advanced-stage breast cancer robbed me of much — certainty about my future, the security of my children, and for a time, my health. But it didn’t rob me of my faith. When I remember that moment on the rock, I don’t see a young mom sitting alone; I see a woman whom God is holding tight.

  • There are times when our strength isn’t enough, when our wings feel heavy. In those times God invites us to rely on Him.

God’s promise through the prophet Isaiah is that when we are weary, we can soar like eagles. It’s not our strength that causes us to soar, but God’s strength as He lifts us up and out of our weary places — in His might.

It took months before I recovered fully and could once again run up the trail with my children. But the path I learned to follow closely during that time was into the pages of His Word, where encouragement filled this embattled mom with hope. After two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, I wasn’t physically strong enough to do anything on my own, but I found spiritual strength in God’s promises. I depended on God to give me energy when I felt weak. And I celebrated the smallest of victories even when they didn’t seem like much.

Are you exhausted today? You aren’t alone. You can trust Him to lift your wings, to give you new strength and power, as you depend on Him each moment.

Dear Father, I’m tired and I cannot do this on my own. Today, I take my eyes off of what I cannot do and I place my focus on You — on Your promises, on Your Word. Lift my wings with Your strength and help me fly again. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


You were never intended to fight life’s battles alone. It’s not your strength that causes you to soar, but God lifts you up and out of your weary places — in His might.


How will you celebrate your smallest victory today in a big way?


Invite God into your challenge, but with a twist. Choose a day to celebrate. Share God’s faithfulness with a friend who is facing similar challenges.

Power Verses

Psalm 103:1, Psalm 103:5; Exodus 19:4

Excerpted with permission from Encouragement for Today: Devotions for Everyday Living by the women of Proverbs 31 Ministries, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

All of us go through seasons of life that are wearying beyond our ability to handle, seasons when we don’t have the strength endure. Maybe that’s you today. Go back and reread God’s promises, ask Him for help, and pick one thing the Lord has done for you to celebrate. If you’re not in a season of exhaustion, look around and ask the Holy Spirit to show you who needs encouragement today and reach out to them.

It’s Mothers Day! What mom in your life could use a few hours of babysitting and a note on her bathroom mirror that says You’re doing a great job!? Who do you know who’s always there for everyone else’s but never asks for herself and how can you bless her heart today? Is there a mama you know who has lost a child or someone whose mom passed away? Bless a mother today! Come join the conversation! We would love to hear from you! And, be sure to love on the moms in your life today! ~ Devotionals Daily