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My Favorite Christian Books for Beginning Readers

Noah and the Ark by Kelly Pulley 9780310714583,The Berenstain Bears Piggy Bank Blessings 9780310725053

There are few things I want to instill in my children more than a love of reading.

Getting lost in a good book. Seeing characters come alive in a new world. Flipping page after page anxiously awaiting what the next chapter holds.

I watched as my two oldest boys developed a love of books. I didn’t realize what joy it would bring me as a mom to see those first sounds and syllables turn into words.

Oh, to see their faces as those words create and color new worlds for them to explore!

I have absolutely loved watching my kids learn to read. And perhaps even more so, I have loved watching them grow as readers – discovering how books can take them on the most thrilling adventures.

My oldest two now pick up chapter books and read them at their leisure. And because they love books, they read all the time.

This is more of a struggle for my Kindergartner – who is just learning to read. He can’t choose a book from our bookshelf and pick it up and begin reading it. He is still learning and his vocabulary and reading skills are limited. This is why we love having I Can Read books available to him. Because each book is written on a specific reading level, he can start with the first level, and move on up as he becomes more proficient.

There are five levels of I Can Read Books:

  • My First: Shared Reading
  • Level 1: Beginning Reading
  • Level 2: Reading with Help
  • Level 3: Reading Alone
  • Level 4: Advanced Reading

Because I Can Read books come in a great variety of topics and subjects, I can always find one that interests him. Zonderkidz has great faith-based I Can Read books that not only help little ones learn to read and grow in their reading skills, but the stories are rich and fun and support what my husband and I are teaching them about the God who loves them.

Some of my favorites are Noah and the Ark, The Berenstain Bears Piggy Bank Blessings, VeggieTales Bob and Larry in The Case of the Messy Sleepover, and Jonah and the Big Fish. These books are colorful and delightful and they are tailored to my son’s specific reading level. I just love them.

As we approach summer, we’ll spend more time outside at the pool and less time cuddled up on the couch. I still want my children reading and finding adventure in and through books.

For my little Kindergartner – who is sounding out words and just discovering the joy of reading – I’ll snuggle up with him after long days at the pool and he’ll choose his favorite I Can Read books.

And I’ll watch his sweet sun-kissed face as the words he is reading bring the stories to life. Beautiful!

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Your Turn

What are you favorite books for beginning readers? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment!