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My First Bible: The Treasured Gift I’ll Never Forget

I remember the very first Bible I owned as a child.

It was the NIV Children’s Bible – a hardcover Bible with Jesus on the cover holding a lamb, sitting with two children. My mother gave it to me. I took that Bible with me to church every week and as I got older, I learned to follow along as Scripture was read during church.

I remember how the cover felt.

I remember how it smelled.

I remember the swishing sound those paper thin pages made as I flipped through it during Sunday school.

Would you believe I still own that Bible? It’s tucked away in a special box that contains the treasures from my childhood that I could never bear to part with.

Mother reading Bible stories to her boy

I now have five children of my own, and as my husband and I have begun giving each of them their own Bibles, there are a few kids’ Bibles that we really love and that our children love, too:

The Adventure Bible: I love this Bible because it truly takes kids on an exciting adventure. With a safari theme throughout, The Adventure Bible showcases maps, interesting facts about people in Bible times, and takes kids on a scavenger hunt. My two oldest boys both own this Bible and they love it. And now even I am learning Bible facts from them.

The Flexi Bible NIV: The soft, squishy brick cover is the reason my six-year old loves this Bible so much. He can reposition the bricks on the front whenever he likes, and it is small enough to fit into his little hands. I love that he won’t ruin the cover if he spills a drink on it! It’s a win-win for both of us as he’s learning God’s word.

The Glitter Collection Bible: When I was a little girl, I had a floral, quilted cover on my Bible and I loved how girly it was. I would’ve loved one of The Glitter Collection Bibles that already has a built-in girly cover. The covers feature an owl, a flower, or a heart, and they are both modern and feminine. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I can see her toting one of these around in one hand, her little purse in the other.

Each of these Bibles are fun, unique, and would be a great gift for a child.

We’re preparing to send our two oldest boys to their very first summer camp this year. (HOW is this possible when I JUST birthed them?)

Since we won’t be with them when they’re gone at camp, I love that they will have their Bibles with them. Bibles they have been using at home and carrying to church and… The Bibles that we have given them.

We want them to love their Bibles – for the cover and for the adventure and for how much they just love owning a Bible of their own. But, it is our hope that as they swish through the pages, whether at church or around our kitchen table or at camp this summer, they come to know the Truth that lies inside.

That Jesus loves them – and He lived and died to save them.

Watch the Video for the NIV Adventure Bible

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Your Turn

Do you remember your first Bible? Have you given your son or daughter their very first Bible yet? We’d love to hear your comments!