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My Strength

My Strength

Marvelous Savior,

Help me to find Joy in You — for You are my Strength. I know that keeping Joy alive is crucial, especially when I’m in the throes of adversity. Whenever I’m struggling with difficulties, I need to guard my thoughts and words very carefully. If I focus too much on all the things that are wrong, I become increasingly discouraged — and my strength is sapped. As soon as I realize what’s happening, I must stop this hurtful process immediately. You’ve been training me to turn to You quickly and ask You to show me the way I should go.

When I’m struggling, I need to take time to praise You — speaking or singing words of worship, reading promises and praises in Scripture. O my Strength, I sing praise to You. I sing the Glory of Your Name!

It’s essential for me to remember that my problems are temporary but You are eternal — and so is my relationship with You. As I find Joy in You, delighting in Your unfailing Love, my strength invariably increases.

In Your glorious Name, Jesus, Amen.

Psalm 59:17; James 1:2 NLT; Psalm 143:8; Psalm 66:1–2


My great God,

I don’t want to let any set of circumstances intimidate me.

Please keep reminding me that the more challenging my day is, the more of Your Power You provide.

I used to think that You empower me equally each day, but I’ve learned that this is not true. Still, my tendency upon awakening each morning is to assess the difficulties ahead of me — measuring them against my average strength. I realize these worry-thoughts are just an exercise in unreality, and I long to break free from them!

Lord, You know what each of my days will contain, and I can trust You to empower me accordingly. You’ve been showing me that the degree to which You strengthen me on a given day is based mainly on two variables: the difficulty of my circumstances and my willingness to depend on You as I’m dealing with those challenges.

Help me view difficult days as opportunities to receive more of Your Power than usual. Instead of panicking during tough times, I can look to You for all I need. Thank You for Your reassuring words: “As your days, so shall your strength be.

In Your strong Name, Jesus, Amen.

2 Corinthians 12:9; Psalm 105:4 NASB; Deuteronomy 33:25 NKJV


Merciful Jesus,

Your Face is shining upon me — beaming out Peace that transcends understanding. I’m surrounded by a sea of problems, but I am face to Face with You, my Peace. As long as I keep my focus on You, I am safe. If I gaze too long at the myriad problems around me, I will sink under the weight of my burdens. I’m grateful that I can cry out, “Lord, save me!” if I start to sink, and You will lift me up.

The closer to You I live, the safer I feel. Circumstances around me are undulating, and I can see treacherous-looking waves in the distance. I need to keep fixing my eyes on You, the One who never changes. I know that by the time those far- away waves reach me, they will have shrunk to proportions of Your design. And I rejoice that You are always beside me —  strengthening and encouraging me as I face today’s waves.

You’ve been showing me that the future is a phantom, seeking to spook me. Help me to laugh at the future — and stay close to You.

In Your sheltering Name, Amen

Philippians 4:7; Matthew 14:29–30; Hebrews 12:2; Hebrews 13:8 NKJV

Excerpted with permission from Jesus Listens Notetaking Edition by Sarah Young, copyright Sarah Young. 

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Your Turn

This world is temporary and so are our troubles. In the meantime, until we get to Heaven, the Lord Jesus is our strength. On our more difficult days, we need to press into His strong arms and fix our eyes on Him! ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full