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Making Your Small Group Work Tip 6

Making Your Small Group Work Tip 6

Tip 6: Calling Out the Best in Others

Calling out the best in others is part affirmation and part invitation— affirming something in someone and asking them to keep bringing it into the group. It applies to both individuals and to the group as a whole.

Biblical references:
• Hebrews 10:24—“. . . spur one another on toward love and good deeds”
• Romans 12:1–8—We all have spiritual gifts that we should identify and nurture in a group context

Why it’s important:
• Encourages us to be better people
• Points out places we can grow
• Helps us love other people

How to do it:
• See it: be aware of what others are doing in the group
• Name it: name or label it clearly—be specific, give examples
• Encourage it

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