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Making Your Small Group Work Tip 13

Making Your Small Group Work Tip 13

Tip 13: Confessing Your Faults

Everyone sins or does things wrong. The group should be a safe place to talk about areas that need improvement. Talking about sin brings it out of the dark and into the light, the only place it can be healed.

Biblical references:
• James 5:16—“. . . confess your sins to each other so that you may be healed”
• Psalm 32:3—“When I kept silent about my sin, my bones wasted away”

Points to remember:
• You may need to share differently depending on the gender mix of the group
• When to do it:
– During personal sharing and prayer time
– During a specific, structured time reserved for confession
– During the process of interacting with material—“Wow, I really struggle with that.”
– As a part of prayer requests
• Express how you’re feeling before you share the confession (scared, embarrassed, stupid)
• Normalize the process of confessing in the course of the discussion; when you hear someone owning a fault or weakness:
– Don’t overreact, but don’t ignore it
– Use your active listening skills (communicating to someone you hear what they are saying so they feel heard and understood; see Tip One)
– Avoid giving advice!
– Identify with them

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