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Making Your Small Group Work Tip 4

Making Your Small Group Work Tip 4

Tip 4: Group Check-In #1


A group “check-in” is a regularly scheduled “snapshot.” It’s a time at the end of a meeting (approximately 15 minutes) in which the group evaluates how things are going according to the original goals.

Your group should do this every three to four months (about four times a year).

At the end your group time, talk about this:

For this group check-in, set aside 15 minutes to answer the following questions that evaluate how your group is doing in the “truth” area.
Discuss your answers together.

• How do we respond when truth is spoken?
• Does everyone feel safe to talk about their feelings?
• How well are we listening to each other?
• Are we free to say what we’re thinking (even when it’s a differing opinion)?
• Is there anything that needs to be said in the group that hasn’t been said yet?

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