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Making Your Small Group Work Tip 8

Making Your Small Group Work Tip 8

Tip 8: Helping and Supporting Each Other

Helping and supporting each other is another level of the “being attentive” skill. It means providing practical help and support, including wisdom or counsel, and may occur in the group setting or outside of it.

Biblical references:
• 1 Thessalonians 5:14—Encourage the timid, help the weak
• Luke 10:25–37—The Good Samaritan

Don’t give unsolicited and unwanted advice.

Help can be given inside the group context or outside the group

Why it’s important:
• Practical ways to show the love of God
• Helps us learn how to serve

How to do it:
• Recognize what characteristics or knowledge you have that could help others in the group
• Offer to help when you see an opportunity
• Know the difference between advice and help
– Advice = You ought to . . .
– Helping = Can I offer . . . ?
• Ask for help when you need it

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