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Nurturing Curiosity in Our Children

Nurturing Curiosity in Our Children

One of the things I love and enjoy most about being a mother is watching how curiosity takes hold and blooms in my children. From the time each of them could speak, questions began to pour out of them.

Why is that dog barking?

Why do zebras have stripes?

Where do babies come from? (OH, help.)

What’s inside a worm?

Why is the sky blue?

Some of these questions are easy to answer; some are simple and matter of fact. And some are so entirely complex that I stumble through finding an answer. But, easy or not, they are always asking questions.

As my children experience creation and the world around them, they are desperate to know more. And more and more. And still more. They want to know why some flowers are pink and some yellow. Why the sky is blue and why bee stings hurt. Why birds have feathers and why babies cry.

I want to nurture this curiosity. I want my children to ask and wonder about all of it. I want them to see how big and beautiful the world is – whether we’re at the zoo or on vacation at the beach or in our backyard. But most importantly – I want them to see how God created it all – how He spoke into being a colorful, living, magnificent world for us to live in.

I love finding books that encourage this curiosity in my kids. I love books we can open and read and discover creation together. This is why I love books like Curious Creatures. This Level 2 I Can Read book is full of fun facts and lots of color illustrations about various animals in God’s creation. With four books packed into one volume, there are so many fun animals to read about and discover inside the pages.

I love that my preschooler can enjoy the color photos while we read to him, my six year-old can read through it with help, and my older elementary kids can pick up this book and discover fun and interesting facts about these amazing animals whenever they’d like. It’s perfect for each of their ages.

But mostly, I love that God’s design and craftsmanship are woven throughout this book. So that as my children learn new and amazing things about our planet, they are pointed to God – the One who created it ALL.

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Your Turn

Are you barraged with curious, wonderful (and relentless!) questions from your little ones, too? How are you doing at nurturing curiosity in your kids? What are some of your favorite kid questions? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment!