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Pause: Taking Notice this Holiday Season, Doing Less and Treasuring Christ More

Pause: Taking Notice this Holiday Season, Doing Less and Treasuring Christ More

This Christmas season we’re trying to spend less, ask for less, want less, wish less, and get less. – Ruth Schwenk

“I need to get going on my wish list!”

In the busyness of recently moving, we’ve lost track of time. It seems like we were just wrapping up summer, packing our house, and finding a new place that would fit our four kids, two dogs, and one hamster. So, when my youngest son discovered just how close Christmas really is, the wishing began!

I’m sure we’re not alone. Like most parents this time of the year, we’re fielding questions about how much and how many. Questions about motorized scooters, video games, new shoes, bikes, and yes, even virtual-reality goggles! The wishing around this Christmas season is gaining momentum quickly.

Our culture doesn’t help in this massive and merry gravitational pull toward the holiday that celebrates our Savior’s birth. We were walking through the mall recently and realized almost every store was already advertising the Christmas spirit – the clothes, music, decorations, and cheer were strategic reminders that we too should be wishing.

It’s a far cry from the simplicity of that first Christmas – that little town known as the “house of bread” was giving birth to the “Bread of Life” with very little fanfare. God Himself wrapped humbly with humanity was coming to us and for us. He was Immanuel, the One who saves, but also satisfies us.

It was so simple that many didn’t take notice.

And those who were waiting and wishing for what matters most came giving.

So this Christmas we want to take notice.

With all of the wishing and waiting, we are trying to do less to treasure Christ more. We’re trying to spend less, ask for less, want less, wish less, and get less. As a family, we are trying to do less so that our hearts are drawn to treasure the greatest gift that much more.

This is the tension for most families every year. While Christmas has become so much about what we are wishing for and getting, we long to remember and recognize the real reason we even celebrate the season. Spending time to notice the wonders of the season, such as twinkling lights and sparkling snowflakes can cause us to ponder and pause during this time.

Let’s turn our hearts and minds to Him this season.

Let’s take notice.

One of my new (and now very favorite!) books for the holiday season is A Very Merry Christmas Prayer. I absolutely adore this book and the simple way it walks us all through a prayer of wonder and celebration for the season of Christmas. Simple enough for a small child and reflective enough for an adult, this book does a beautiful job of turning our hearts and minds in thankfulness towards Christ and all He has done.

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Your Turn

How do you remind yourself and your family what the real Reason for the Season is? As the wish lists grow, how about challenging one another to create a gratitude list as well? Come share with us your ideas on our blog. We’d love to hear from you!