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Peace That Conquers

Peace That Conquers

Editor’s note: Dr. Charles Stanley, beloved pastor and preacher who passed away in April of 2023, spent his lifetime exhorting others to trust in God… a challenge for all of us especially in difficult times. Trusting Him instead of our own thinking is the way to peace. Enjoy this excerpt of Trusting God with Today.


These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. — John 16:33

Europe trembled as Hitler’s menacing armies annexed Austria and set their sights on Czechoslovakia. Attempting to appease the dreaded dictator, England’s prime minister Neville Chamberlain traveled to Germany and, on September 29, 1938, signed the infamous Munich Agreement. Upon his return, Chamberlain triumphantly announced, “I believe it is peace for our time.” Less than a year later, Germany had conquered Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland, and World War II had begun.

Was Jesus’ talk of peace like Chamberlain’s optimistic boast? After all, war, violence, hatred, and persecution still exist.

  • Yet when Jesus promised that He would leave us His peace, He did not ignore the reality of conflict in our lives.

That’s why He immediately followed by explaining,

In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world. — John 16:33

You will face adversity — indeed, you may be enduring some today. But when overwhelming circumstances arise that threaten to shake your tranquility, Christ promises that He will be your wise and victorious defender. He is more than able to triumph over whatever you could possibly face.

Jesus, thank You for being my defender and my peace in every situation. Amen.


His Personal Spirit

He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever. — John 14:16

Mystery often surrounds the person of the Holy Spirit — our understanding is often muddled about who He is and what He does. However, it is not possible to make progress in the Christian life apart from His presence. This is because the Holy Spirit is God’s personal representative here on earth, and His role is to be our Helper and Comforter. In Greek, this word is parakletos, and it suggests that He gives us aid much like a legal counselor or advocate would. He comes alongside us, giving us strength and encouraging support. However, if we do not recognize His presence, authority, and power, we can mistakenly believe and act like we are in this life alone.

Jesus knows how important His presence is with us. Therefore, the Lord in His great compassion and wisdom sent His Holy Spirit to teach, guide, and help us.

He instructs us in the truth and is our personal advocate before the throne of God. This is our peace and strength regardless of the circumstances — whatever we face, Christ faces it with us personally through the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus, thank You for the enduring presence, wisdom, comfort, and power of Your indwelling Holy Spirit with me. Amen.

Excerpted with permission from Trusting God with Today by Charles F. Stanley, copyright Charles F. Stanley.

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Your Turn

Jesus knows we will go through troubles. He knows the exact problems and crises we come up against, but He will never leave us. No matter what is going on today, Jesus Christ is facing it with us. ~ Devotionals Daily