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Peace: Unburdened and Able to Rest

Peace: Unburdened and Able to Rest


Come to Me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest. — Matthew 11:28 NCV

Isn’t it ironic that all our time-saving devices and technologies have made us more tired, not less? Statistics indicate that we are working longer hours than previous generations and that stress is the leading cause of health problems.

Many of us do okay eating right and exercising, but how are we doing with sleep?

God created the human body to need a certain amount of rest. In addition to getting adequate sleep, we are to rest from our work, take a break from the sources of our stress, and put down those heavy burdens. Jesus’ words in today’s verse allude to the rest a pack animal gets when its load is removed for the night: it sleeps soundly. Then, in the morning when the burden is again strapped to its back, that donkey or camel can carry on.

After we get a good night’s sleep or take a vacation, the burden seems lighter when we next pick it up, and because of the rest and refreshment we experienced, we are able to carry on.

Jesus is there to take our heavy loads and to give us rest. Let Him.

Lord, teach me to get the rest I need, and help me hear Your voice when You call me, wanting to take my heavy load and give me rest. Amen.


Sleep Aid

He enters into peace; they rest in their beds, each one who walked in His upright way. — Isaiah 57:2 NASB

We are a nation of insomniacs. A survey revealed that nearly 9 million Americans take some form of sleep aid even though there are solutions that don’t involve medicine. You could try forming a bedtime routine, removing the television from the bedroom, and lowering the temperature in your home. If you’ve tried these or other suggestions and are still tossing and turning, consider some wisdom from your heavenly Father.

God’s sleep advice applies not when we are getting ready for bed, but when we are starting the day and as we go through it. We are to order our steps, God’s Word says, so that we walk uprightly. We are to live in a way that honors Him, holding our head high as we walk in His light and on His path. When we do so, we can rest assured that as our heads hit the pillow at night and our minds review the steps of the day, we will be at peace.

If you want to fall into peaceful sleep each night, try God’s sleep aid and practice walking in upright and godly manner from the first step of the day to the last.

God, please guide my steps throughout the day so I can sleep in peace when I lie down at night and rest in You. Amen.

Excerpted with permission from 365 Devotions for Peace by Cheri Cowell, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

How are you sleeping? Are your midnight hours being stolen by stress, burdens, and regrets over mistakes? God has a recipe for you — give your heavy loads to Him. Walk closely with Him! Come share your thoughts with us on our blog. We want to hear your comments!