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There's Power in Weakness

There's Power in Weakness


He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. — Isaiah 40:29–31

Wander by an old dock or around some boat slips, and you’ll hear the muffled, rythmic moans of ropes, indicative of pain, of tension, of the purposeful intent to hang on. Whether they’re holding a boat in place, collecting a fresh catch of shrimp, or serving as a safety railing for onlookers, a rope cannot deviate from its intended purpose without devastating consequences. Its rest is reserved for another time.

Now move in closer and study those ropes. You’ll notice that time and tension also contribute to their frayed, discolored appearance. Ironically, however, these alleged blemishes make them more pliable, more useful, and even stronger . . . until, with every fiber spent, their work is completed and they can do no more.

How many days do you experience something similar?

You are quietly straining, moaning, painfully trying to keep it together for the sake of others, and maybe unsure that you can. The wearied tension is there, but the respite isn’t. You bear the marks of time and experience, but don’t seem to gain the wisdom and strength.

Quite often, our pain has purpose; but just as often, we don’t see it. Instead, we focus on the fear of what might happen if our grip should slip.

The difference is, however, that even if we let go,

God hasn’t let go of us. He doesn’t. And He won’t.

There are times when we can’t hang on with our own strength, and other times when there wouldn’t be much point in doing so. It’s then that we have a choice: stay coiled up, pristine, and remain useless; cling so tightly to what is familiar and be so stressed by our fear of the unknown that we snap; or yield to what God would have us do, even if that means letting go.

And having faith that He hasn’t. He doesn’t. And He won’t.

Father, give me discernment to know the difference between purposeful pain and paralyzing fear. Make my heart and spirit pliable enough to receive Your divine instruction and faith that enables me to hold tight or let go, trusting Your perfect guidance.

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Your Turn

Are you quietly straining, moaning, painfully trying to keep it together for the sake of others, and maybe unsure that you can? Are you weary? Take a moment to rest in the truth that God He hasn’t, doesn’t, and won’t let go of you. Thank You, Lord! Please share your thoughts on our blog. We would love to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily