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Prayer That Aligns with Jesus’ Heart

Prayer That Aligns with Jesus’ Heart

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. — 1 John 5:14 NIV

A friend sent me a pretty graphic with the statement “Those who put everything in God’s hands eventually see God’s hand in everything.” I’ve also heard, “Pray and pay attention.”

I’ve been a Christian for a long while now, yet the tangible proof of these maxims has only recently come fully to life for me. I now see Jesus answering my prayers so plainly and undeniably it often fills me with quiet awe. I’ll ask Jesus a very specific question and soon see answers everywhere: A friend unexpectedly shares a relevant experience that answers my prayer. A series of disconnected devotionals or podcasts echoes a theme. A door closes or opens decisively.

Why now? Is Jesus suddenly answering my prayers more than before? Am I praying “better” somehow? Well, yes. And no.

Elsewhere in Scripture, God assures me He will change me to conform me to Christ’s likeness. He will. My cooperation hastens this lifelong process. I believe that as I’ve matured, my prayers more closely align with Jesus’s heart, and my eyes are more attuned to how He works. Moreover I’ve become convinced, through sometimes very painful lessons, that Jesus’s way is always best, so I’m more submissive to the stream of His will.

His way is so much easier than ours. Behold, the quietly miraculous answers to prayer — affirming, melodious, and wonderful. I pray and receive, trusting He’s listening and answering. — Isabella Yosuico

Faith Step: Get a pretty journal and call it “Jesus in My Life.” Note answers to prayer, following God’s direction, and those “coincidences,” signs, and wonders that Jesus sends your way.

Excerpted with permission from Mornings with Jesus 2020, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

The Lord is constantly moving, speaking, and working behind the scenes. Most of which we haven’t opened our eyes enough to see. This often leads to our frustration. Let’s open our eyes a little bit wider today. What are some of the prayers that the Lord has answered tangibly for you recently? If you’re still praying for that one thing, how has your faith increased in the process? Come share your thoughts on our blog!