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3 Tips for Praying for Your Teens

3 Tips for Praying for Your Teens


{Did your heart just stop for a second?}

I currently have four teens and three that have already gotten through the teen years and a couple pulling up the rear.

I know teens.

It’s such a hard time in life. You’re not a child. You’re not an adult. You feel ready to move on with life, but you’re stuck in ways that feel so frustrating. I get it. Even though I was a teen when there were still covered wagons, I do remember what it feels like.

As a mom, I know that prayer is the best way for me to help my teens as they find their path to living life on their own. It’s a time for me to let go of some of my control and trust God. That doesn’t mean problems won’t happen; it means you will have a source of strength and wisdom when they do.

Here Are Three Tips for Praying For Your Teens:

1. Pray Scripture over them.
When we speak and pray the scriptures, we are agreeing with God. It’s hard to know what to pray and what your child needs…. so you can know that you are asking for God’s will when you specifically pray Bible verses. Simply insert your child’s name into the verse like this, “I pray that Johnny grows in the grace and knowledge of You, God,” (2 Peter 3:18) or, “Please provide safety for him day and night,” (Psalm 4:8).

Make a list of verses that you want to claim for your children and when you pray for them, add their name to the verse.

2. Make sure they know you are praying for them.
Your kids should always know that you pray for them. I will just say, “Hey, when I was praying for you today I felt like God wanted me to tell you ____,” or, “I know you’re having a hard time… I am praying for you every morning from 6:00-6:15.”

It makes a huge difference to know that someone is praying for you. Be careful not to manipulate them with your prayer reports, but just let them know the simple fact that you pray. And don’t forget to pray WITH them when they are really dealing with something hard.

3. Don’t give up.
Raising teens can feel defeating. They don’t always want to listen to you and they will make some mistakes that you certainly could have saved them from.

When your child does something foolish or is caught up in something harmful, it doesn’t mean you did a bad job raising them or that it’s hopeless. Hold fast to God and trust that He knows just what your child needs.

I find so much comfort in knowing that where I left gaps in my children’s upbringing, God fills them in.

He’s got this.

And He has you too… YOU ARE LOVED.

* * *

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