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Praying Through Cancer Bundle

Praying Through Cancer Bundle

Helping Each Other by Praying Through Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can shake even the strongest Jesus-follower to the core. In crisis, we need support and care, encouragement and the strong arm of the Lord to hold us and help us fight.

On our worst days, let's remember that cancer may cause a lot of pain and suffering, but there's a lot it can't do:

Cancer cannot steal your faith.

Cancer can't destroy your love.

Cancer cannot wreck your dearest friendships.

Cancer can't take away your joy.

Cancer cannot quiet your worship.

Cancer is not the end.

If you're battling cancer or someone you know is, this bundle is for you. It includes a devotional specifically about warring in prayer through cancer, a journal, and a book on prayer by Max Lucado to prompt you when you don't know what to pray.

God is with you and will never leave your side.

Praying Through Cancer Bundle

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Includes Praying Through Cancer by Susan Sorensen and Laura Geist, Daily Prayer Journal, and Start with Prayer by Max Lucado


praying through cancer


praying through cancer

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