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This Is How I Start My Day: Preparing for Adventure

This Is How I Start My Day: Preparing for Adventure

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law. — Psalm 119:18

Oh, how we underestimate the power made available to us when we spend time with God. Our earthly eyes are so limited because they don’t allow us to see what is happening in the heavenly realm. A daily battle is being fought for our attention and our devotion.

Satan would love nothing more than to keep us separated from the power God gives us during our time with Him.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty and ill-equipped and start embracing the incredible privilege of meeting with Jesus every day.

Remember, this time doesn’t have to be perfect to be powerful and effective. Jesus just wants a willing soul to come to Him — to verbalize her desire to seek Him and acknowledge her need for Him. Then He’ll show her how to make each moment with Him exactly what she needs.

Most days before I start my time with the Lord, I pray a very simple prayer that ushers my heart into the right place with God:

God, I want to see You. God, I want to hear You. God, I want to know You. So that I can follow hard after You.

This prayer is not a magic formula, just four short sentences that perfectly express my desire to experience God throughout my day. I want to see Him working in me, around me, and through me. I want to hear His voice so clearly that I won’t doubt when He asks for my obedience. I want to know Him — not just facts about Him — but really know Him personally and intimately. And lastly, I want to follow hard after Him, to be the woman He wants me to be in every circumstance of my day.

It’s amazing that when I verbalize my heart’s desire in this way, something inside me shifts and I’m ready for the Word of God in a fresh way. It reminds me of the psalmist’s request in Psalm 119:18: “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” A request God delights in answering.

I don’t want to just read and pray to check it off my to-do list. I see this time, instead, as preparation for the great adventure God and I are about to head off on together in the hours ahead. Now what could be more exciting than that?

Dear Lord, I want to see You. I want to hear You. I want to know You. Please help me recognize Your presence in my day today so that I can follow hard after You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Excerpted with permission from Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst, copyright Lysa TerKeurst.

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