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Preparing Our Hearts for Easter

Preparing Our Hearts for Easter

There is no more miraculous time in all the world than Easter! Are you ready to celebrate?!

To get ready, we believers dive into the Word of God, study Jesus' story, particularly Passion Week, also called Holy Week... the week from Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-40) through Good Friday when He was nailed to a wooden cross on Golgotha. We can spend time in contemplation over Silent Saturday when the grave held His body and the devil danced a victory jig in hell... not realizing that Sunday was comin'.

  • Oh, but on Sunday...

Oh, Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, our Lord and Savior broke death, He crushed the serpent under His heel, and He wiped the floor with Satan's plans. He rose triumphant and so we sing, we shout, and we rejoice!

Are you ready!

We've curated these titles just for you so you can prepare your heart for Easter.

Get ready for Jesus, friends!