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Refined by the Fire

Refined by the Fire

Refined by the Fire

by Kay Warren, from Praying through Cancer

The doctor was very matter-of-fact. When he told me I had breast cancer, his inflection didn’t change, his manner didn’t warm up, and he offered nothing in the way of comfort. He left the room, leaving me to weep alone.

While this earthly man had no reaction to my diagnosis, my heavenly Father instantly offered me His words of comfort and peace. A Scripture fragment floated into my mind: “He knows the way I take.” In my shock and dismay, I couldn’t remember where it was from, but it gave me a lifeline to grab on to.

God, the Creator of the universe, the Almighty One, the Lord of heaven and earth, knew the “way”—the journey I was starting on. That meant He wasn’t surprised (although I certainly was) and had already begun to prepare all that I would need along the way. My loving, purposeful Father had factored cancer into His plan for me long before I was aware of it. His eyes were on me; He held me in His tender gaze. I wasn’t alone anymore!


God, how can I ever thank You for showing up when I need You the most? I am never alone! You promise to be my refuge and my strength, my ever-present help in trouble. You are with me when I receive exciting, thrilling news, and You are with me even when I hear news that threatens to shake me to my core. Those dreaded words, “It’s cancer,” don’t send You running from the room. Instead, You rush to bring me the assurance that You know exactly where I am.

There is nothing ahead of me that can detour Your will for my life. You will fulfill Your purpose for me. How I praise You for Your unfailing love. You are my God forever and ever, and You will be my guide even to the end. I trust You implicitly. May this furnace of testing show the true colors of my faith in You, and may I come forth as gold.

Scripture References: Psalm 46:1; Psalm 138:8; Psalm 48:9, 14; Job 23:10

Excerpted with permission from Praying Through Cancer, copyright Susan Sorensen and Laura Geist.

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Your Turn

When you find yourself facing frightening moments, remind yourself that God stands with you. You are never alone! Are you or any of your close friends or family members in the battle against cancer right now? How can we pray for you? Our team here at Prayer.full and FaithGateway would like to uplift you in prayer this month – please leave your requests and comments on our blog!


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