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Rhythms of Renewal: Living with Rhythm

Rhythms of Renewal: Living with Rhythm

We all face moments, weeks, months, or even years when anxiety and panic come crashing into our lives. Thankfully, God has provided simple rhythms to help us navigate these times and come through with greater health, peace, and even joy. The rhythms of renewal help sustain us emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and even vocationally.

Watch Session One: Rhythms of Renewal


As you watch the teaching segment for this session, use the following outline to record anything that stands out to you.

Concepts modeled in Scripture… Rest, Restore, Connect, Create





Input Rhythms… Fill me, Lord

Output Rhythms… Use me, Lord

God Created with Rhythm… Evening, morning, and another day

Genesis 1

From the beginning God followed a pattern of rhythm: Day and night, land and sea, earth and sky, sun and moon, light and dark.

Examples of Rhythm

1 Corinthians 10:13

The Example of Jesus… A life of rhythm

Luke 5:15–16

Luke 6:12–16

Connect… The one whom Jesus loved, Lazarus

Parables… The Sower, Prodigal Son

When we follow God’s rhythm, it leads to more rhythm.


  1. Tell about a time when anxiety, worry, or fear came crashing into your life uninvited and unexpected. How did this impact your life?
  2. How does rhythm bring peace and calm in a world that can feel out of control and haphazard? Tell about one rhythm (of any kind) in your life that gives birth to peace and calm.

God created rhythm.

  1. Look up and read aloud the following passage: 1 Corinthians 10:13

Temptations, stress, hard times, and anxiety are part of life. They can throw us out of rhythm. Tell about a time when you got out of rhythm due to a stressful or difficult situation. What did it take to get your rhythm back and find peace again?

When we face anxiety and stress, these are not shocking exceptions, they are just part of life.

  1. Look up and read aloud the following passages: Luke 6:12-13 and Exodus 20:8-11

Why do you think God takes rest and refreshment so seriously? What is one step you can take to make regular rest a consistent part of your life?

God pours into us in the still and silent places so He can pour us out in the world He loves.

  1. Look up and read the following passage: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

It is easy to become overextended and forget to care for our bodies. Why do you think God is concerned that we are careful to restore our bodies and tend to our physical health? What is one step you could take toward physical restoration in your life?

  1. We live in a radically connected world where many people feel less connected than ever. How did Jesus reveal the importance of connecting when He walked on this earth? What can you do to connect in more regular and meaningful ways with the people God places in your life?
  2. God spoke and all things came into existence. Jesus spoke with creativity and unleashed fresh vision and heavenly truth. What are ways we can be more creative with our words, our time, and our God-given abilities?

Learn to say these words from the depths of your soul: “Jesus, I come under your covering of peace.”


Spend time in your group praying together. The group leader may pray over the group or ask for volunteers. Below are some suggested prayer prompts:

  • *Thank God for calling you to rest, being an example of rest, and making rest part of the rhythm of life.
  • *Ask God to give you discipline to follow his rhythm of restoration as you seek to honor him with how you care for your body.
  • *Invite the Holy Spirit to take you to deeper places of connecting with the people God has placed in your life.
  • *Ask Jesus to unleash the creative potential he has placed in you in fresh, new, beautiful ways.
  • *Pray for the members of your group to step fully and joyfully into these rhythms over the coming weeks as you meet together.

In times of anxiety and worry, try saying this, “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus!”


Group leader, read the following wrap-up as you close your group.

What a joy to learn about how God created the whole universe with rhythm built into the very fabric of our world and lives. Let’s all do our best to make time, before we meet again, to engage in some of the exercises provided here in our study guide. Also, as we prepare for the next time we gather, seek to notice how well you rest, or what keeps you from resting.

* * *

Your Turn

How about those rhythms? We can bear fruit we never thought possible when we observe the four major rhythms Rebekah introduces to us. Is there a Rhythm you are eager to adopt in your life? What did you think of session one? Come share your thoughts on our blog!