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Samson’s Mother & Delilah

Samson’s Mother & Delilah

Samson’s Mother

Then [Manoah’s wife] went to her husband and told him, ‘A man of God came to me... he said to me, “You will become pregnant and have a son. Now then, drink no wine or other fermented drink and do not eat anything unclean, because the boy will be a Nazirite of God from the womb until the day of his death.”’ Judges 13:6–7

Perhaps the most famous of all Israel’s judges is Samson. His story in Scripture begins with his parents, Manoah and his unnamed wife, who had been unable to have children before an angel of the Lord came to her and told her she would have a son.

After the angel visited her, Samson’s mother went straight to her husband to fill him in on the situation. She relayed the angel’s message, repeating the wild, wonderful prophecy she’d just heard. Both of Samson’s parents believed the angel’s words.

Testimony is vital.

“Testimony” is just another way to say “our stories” or “what we have witnessed.”

How many of us believe in Jesus Christ because someone else told us about Him? Unless we’ve had an angelic visitation like Samson’s mom, all of us probably heard about Jesus from another person. We heard their testimonies — their stories about what they had experienced and knew to be true — and faith was sparked in our hearts. We heard, and we believed.

Like Samson’s mom, and like those who first shared their stories of Jesus with us, let’s aim to have our powerful words of testimony reach others. Tell about the times God answered prayers for you. Share about how Jesus has changed your heart. You’ll be planting faith-seeds in the hearts of your listeners.

Has anyone shared testimony with you that has been particularly powerful? What are some of the most powerful testimonies you could share from your own life?


Then Delilah said to Samson, ‘You have made a fool of me; you lied to me. Come now, tell me how you can be tied.’Judges 16:10

From what we know of Samson’s parents, they seem pretty great. They tried to raise their son as instructed. But Samson had a hard time staying on course. He repeatedly went astray with Philistine women, most famously Delilah.

The Philistines offered Delilah a huge sum of money if she would get Samson to tell her the secret of his supernatural strength. Samson had fooled her once, and in Judges 16:10, we see her response to his trick.

Delilah’s response to this situation was so audacious, it’s almost funny (except it’s not). She had just betrayed her man to his enemies, and when she discovered he lied about the proper way to subdue him, she pouted. How dare Samson refuse to tell her the best way to capture and kill him? Wow.

While we might not be as disrespectful as Delilah was, everyone is vulnerable to a similar temptation — emotional manipulation. Delilah tried to guilt-trip Samson. She tried to make him feel bad for making her look foolish. Have you ever tried something similar? Maybe tried to make someone feel bad so they’d give you something you want?

  • It’s important we avoid emotional manipulation in all its forms, whether a small guilt trip or a brazen pout session.

When we have ulterior motives lurking beneath our words, we chip away at the trust others have in us. Honest and straightforward is always best!

What are some qualities you can nurture in yourself to encourage straightforward communication — for example, focusing on the truth or paying close attention to others’ feelings?

Excerpted with permission from 60 Devotions Inspired by Women of the Bible, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

Samson was raised by a very godly woman and yet he was wooed by a manipulative and dangerous woman. Still, his mother’s teachings instilled in him from a very young age sank in deep. We mothers have the great privilege of telling our children about Jesus, about the Bible, about our personal relationships with God, about how He has saved and rescued us. Let’s be open with those around us, especially our children, about how wonderful our Savior has been and continues to be!