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Indescribable: The Scoop on Skin and A Hairy Situation

Indescribable: The Scoop on Skin and A Hairy Situation

Editor’s note: Indescribable, Louie Giglio’s popular devotional for kids about God and science is so fascinating that adults are buying it for themselves! Packed with Scripture and fantastic data about everything from seahorses to stars to the depth of the ocean, this devotional is a page-turner. Enjoy this excerpt:


The Scoop on Skin

He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you can hide. His truth will be your shield and protection. Psalm 91:4 NCV

There’s a lot more to your skin than meets the eye.

First of all, your skin is actually an organ — just like your heart, lungs, and kidneys. In fact, it’s the largest organ of your entire body. The average-sized person has 22 square feet of skin! That’s about the size of a small blanket. Skin comes in all different colors — all created by God using a pigment called melanin. Think of melanin like an artist would think about paint. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin. The less you have, the paler your skin.

Skin not only covers your bones and muscles, it also senses the environment around you and helps control your body’s temperature. Your skin sweats to cool you off when you get hot, and it closes up its pores to keep in the heat (think of goose bumps!) when you’re cold. But one of your skin’s most important jobs is to protect the rest of your body from injury and disease. It’s like a shield for your body.

And while your skin is the shield for your body, God is the shield for your heart, mind, spirit, and body. It’s easy to be afraid and anxious about the bad things that could happen in the world. But the Bible is filled with God’s promises to watch over and protect you, like this promise God gave in Psalm 18:30:

The Lord’s words are pure. He is a shield to those who trust Him.

And this one:

He is our help, our shield to protect us. Psalm 33:20


The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him, and He helps me. — Psalm 28:7

The list could go on and on. So when you’re scared or feeling threatened, run to God, and He’ll be your shield!

God, You are my rock, my protection, my Savior, and my shield. When times get tough, I’m so thankful You surround me and keep me safe.

Be Amazed

Here are some weird skin facts: Underneath all its fur, a polar bear’s skin is black. A rhinoceros’s skin can be almost 2 inches thick. And frogs? Their skin is really unique. Instead of drinking water through their mouths, they actually soak it in through their skin!


A Hairy Situation

When five sparrows are sold, they cost only two pennies. But God does not forget any of them. Yes, God even knows how many hairs you have on your head. Don’t be afraid. You are worth much more than many sparrows. — Luke 12:6-7

Hair — it’s everywhere!

It’s on your head and on your skin. It makes up your eyebrows and your eyelashes. It even grows in your ears and in your nose! In fact, the only places hair doesn’t grow are on the palms of your hands, the bottoms of your feet, and your lips. Hair isn’t just for looks either. It has a purpose. The hair on your head helps keep you warm. Eyelashes keep dust and dirt out of your eyes, while eyebrows help keep the sweat and rain away — not to mention helping you look shocked and surprised! And those nose and ear hairs help keep germs, pollen, and other bits of stuff out of your body.

Hair grows out of a special organ under your skin called a follicle. The average person has 100,000 follicles on his head — and more than 5 million on the entire body. That’s a lot of hair! And

  • God knows each and every hair in each and every follicle! You might not be able to count them all, but He can. The Bible tells you so.

When you’re going through a tough time, especially if it’s a long, tough time, you may start to feel that God has forgotten you. But that’s not true. God could never forget you. Jesus said God knows what happens to every tiny bird in His world. And He loves you a lot more than any bird! When tough times come, God doesn’t forget you, and you’re not alone. God is always with you, even though you may not see it. Remember, the God who knows every hair on your head also knows exactly how to take care of you.

Lord, You know everything that happens in my life — even how many hairs are on my head! So I’ll always trust You to do what’s best for me.

Be Amazed

Hair is one of the main characteristics of mammals (and people are mammals too). In fact, all mammals have hair or fur. Even naked mole rats have tiny hairs on their feet!

Excerpted with permission from Indescribable by Louie Giglio, copyright Louie Giglio.

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Your Turn

Isn’t God amazing?! Isn’t His creation amazing?! God, the Creator of everything in this humongous universe that is so big it cannot even be measured, loves us so dearly that He keeps count of the number of hairs on our head. That’s amazing love! Come share your thoughts about skin and hair and God. We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily


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