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Secret Power Girls

secret power of love,Secret Power of Joy

The book of Ruth is a book of hope. It proves that God wants to make beautiful things happen through devastating circumstances.

Only God can take a life full of doubts, questions, and hopelessness and transform it into a life full of promise, love, and purpose.

That’s what God did for Ruth. And that’s exactly what God wants to do for you too! The more you read and study God’s Word and consider God’s desire for love in your life, the more you will be able to discern His deep love for you and for all of us. The Secret Power Girls are female Christians who are plugged into an incredible power source. In fact, you could say it’s a supernatural power source. The power of the Holy Spirit. And it’s available to all Christians. When you become a Secret Power Girl and understand more about the Holy Spirit, then you can start growing stronger in your faith and deepening your relationship with Jesus. It’s definitely okay and normal to have questions and doubts, and it’s definitely good to seek out the truth. The best place for Christians to find answers is straight from the source – God’s Word, the Holy Bible, and from other Christians that have gone before us and asked the same questions, like Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz. The book of Ruth also provides a unique insight into family and the role family plays in our lives. It’s God’s will that you get along with your family. God is the author of peace and wants to breed unity in your family. There are two keys to listening to, loving, and obeying your family: Loving God Ask God to help you fall more in love with Him every single day. As you do, you’ll learn to see your family through God’s eyes and to hear them through God’s ears. If you truly love God, He’ll teach you how to love your family. Communication Ruth and Naomi have great communication. They openly share with one another.

If you’ll communicate gently and honestly with your family, then listening to, loving, and obeying them will come a lot easier!

Now about faith. If you’ll stop trying to figure it all out and simply accept Jesus even though you don’t have full understanding of His ways, your faith will explode! Faith isn’t about understanding; it’s about believing even though you don’t understand. Check this out:

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1

Ruth demonstrated faith when she left her hometown for an unfamiliar land. She could have prayed this to God: “I doubt I’ll get married in Bethlehem. I’ll probably be seen as an outcast. I know I’m walking into poverty. But I believe Bethlehem is where You want me. I have placed my faith in You. So even though I can’t see what’s ahead, I’m going to trust You anyway. I’ll follow You all the way, God!” Do you realize the pressure that’s been taken off of you? You don’t have to understand and know the future! All you have to do is simply relax and follow God. This should make your faith shine! So relax, sit back, and trust that God will bring who you need into your life, in God’s perfect timing!

Your Turn

What aspect of your future have you been fretting over that you need to turn over to God?