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How to Share The Wonders of Creation with Your Children

How to Share The Wonders of Creation with Your Children

Did you know that the first chapter in the Bible – Genesis 1 – not only testifies to God’s magnificence and glory, but also presents us with opportunities to create fun and memorable learning experiences with our children?

Genesis 1:1 opens with the words:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Although we often take our surroundings for granted, the Earth that we inhabit and everything on it is a miracle of creation. Out of nothing – emptiness – formlessness – God created every splendid thing that surrounds us!

When we gaze upon a majestic mountain or look with wonder into the starry skies, we are peering at God’s creation! When we stare into the eyes of a magnificent animal or become mesmerized by the never-ending waves beating upon the shore at the beach, we are looking directly into the heart of God!

In Romans 1:19-20, the Apostle Paul states that:

Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — His eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen.

When we explore nature with our children, we have a unique opportunity to share God’s power and sovereignty with them!

When it comes to God’s wondrous creation, Genesis 1:31 tells us:

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

As our children discover the many wonders that God has created for them in our world, it’s the perfect time to encourage them to thank God for their many blessings!

How Can We Share The Wonders Of Creation With Our Children?

Children who marvel at the wonders of creation grow into adults who care about their planet, their environment, and the animals that live upon it. Since God directs us to be good stewards, here are a few keys to sharing Genesis 1 with our children:

Look for ways to make the intangible concepts in the creation story real.

Create learning experiences that allow children to see, touch, feel, smell and hear the various aspects of creation as much as possible.

Provide ongoing, follow-up experiences whenever possible to keep the beauty and wonder of God’s creation in the forefront of their minds!

Here are a few specific ideas to help bring the creation passages in Genesis 1 to life for our children!

On Day 3 of Creation (Genesis 1:9-13), God created all of the vegetation and plant life in our world. To help your child experience the wonders of the plant world, take your child on a walk through your neighborhood or a local park and count the different types of plants, flowers and trees that you see! Plan a field trip to any local botanical gardens that are nearby. Take your child to a local nursery and let them pick out a small flower or plant to nurture and grow.

On Day 4 of Creation (Genesis 1:14-19), God created all of the heavenly bodies – the stars, the sun, the moon – to provide light to the earth and to help us track time. During the day time, go outdoors and let your child experience the warmth of the sun and share how important sunlight is to our health and to sustaining life on our planet. At night, go outdoors to a dark area and explore the night sky with your child (if you have a telescope, bring it along!) Plan a field trip to your local science center or observatory where your child can learn more about the wonders of the universe.

On Day 5 of Creation (Genesis 1:20-23), God created the birds and all marine and aquatic life. Take your child on a picnic; on your outing, count and identify as many different types of birds as you can! Plan a trip to your local aquarium so that your child can begin to learn about the many wondrous types of creatures that live in the water! If your child shows an interest in birds or fish and is old enough to care for them, consider getting them one as a pet.

On Day 6 of Creation (Genesis 1:24-31), God created all of the creatures that live on dry land, as well as mankind! As you explore your neighborhood and local parks with your child, begin to identify the animals that are native to your area. Plan field trips to your local zoos and animal sanctuaries. Consider getting your child a pet when they are old enough to care for one if they express an interest.

Bring the Wonders Of Creation To Life Through Reading!

Did you know that God created around 5400 types of mammals – over 10,000 kinds of birds – and over 900,000 known varieties of insects? That’s a lot of creativity!

One book I’d love to recommend about the seven days of creation is 7 Days of Awesome by Shawn Byous and Colin Jack. It tells the story of God’s creative masterpiece in a fun and hilarious way and includes cute and silly illustrations along with rhymes your young animal lovers will enjoy! Creation is fascinating and learning all about it can be fun and exciting for the whole family!

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Your Turn

What aspect of God’s wondrous creation do you and your children enjoy exploring the most? What creative ideas can you share to help make the wonders of creation come to life for our children? Please share your thoughts in the comments and have an amazing day!