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A Simple Handprint Valentine's Day Craft

Thank You God for Loving Me by Max Lucado Hermie Children's Book

One of my family’s favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day. We don’t go overboard with gifts, but it’s definitely fun to focus on the “love” aspect of the holiday and find new ways we can show our love to others. Our favorite gift and DIY valentine is a simple handprint Valentine’s Day craft.

This year, we’re making these easy handmade valentines Valentine’s Day handprint cards to send to family members and close friends. This craft is super easy! Yes, I know it’s the day before Valentines Day. But don’t worry, you could make these cards this afternoon and send them to school with your kids tomorrow. It’s that simple!

Handprint Valentine’s Day Craft Instructions

Supplies Needed:

  • white paint
  • red paint
  • pink construction paper or cardstock
  • craft scissors (or regular scissors will work)
  • hole punch
  • string or thin red/pink ribbon


1. Place paint on a foam or paper plate, or in some other container that will hold your child’s hand.

2. Place child’s hand in paint – one at a time; one hand will do a white handprint and the other will do red.

3. Place the hand upside down on the paper.

4. Do the same with the other color and the other hand – and place the hand upside down on the paper.

5. Cut around the handprints to make a heart shape.

6. Optional: Using the hole punch, place a hole at the top of the heart in the middle and run the string or ribbon through.

7. Add any additional embellishments or writing. You can place the child’s name on the heart or write a “To” and “From” area. Decorate however you’d like!

While you’re making these heart cards, two good books to read to your kids would be Max Lucado’s Thank You, God, for Loving Me and Do You Know I Love You, God? from the Hermie series. These sweet books teach little ones how to give thanks to God for His great love for us, and that sharing with your friends, obeying your parents, and offering a prayer of “thank Yous” are just some of the great ways to say, “I love You, God!”

Your Turn

Do you take the time to make Valentine’s Day Crafts with your kids?