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Sink Your Teeth into This

Sink Your Teeth into This

Editor’s note: Louie Giglio’s popular devotional for kids about God and science is so fascinating that adults are buying it for themselves! Packed with scripture and fantastic data about everything from seahorses to stars to the depth of the ocean, this devotional is a page-turner. Enjoy this excerpt and share with a young friend.


Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!1 Samuel 12:16 NIV

When you think about a shark, probably one of the first things you imagine is its teeth! More than 400 species of sharks are in the world, and they all have teeth! Lots and lots of them. That’s because they also lose lots and lots of those teeth... as they rip and tear into their prey. Yikes! Sharks would quickly starve without their teeth, so God gave them a unique teeth-replacement system.

Sharks’ teeth are arranged in rows in their mouths, one behind the other. Some sharks have “only” 5 rows of teeth, but others, like the bull shark, have 50 rows! These rows basically act like conveyor belts. When one tooth is lost, another tooth from the row behind it pushes forward to take its place.

Be Amazed 

Sharks are born with a full set of teeth, unlike humans, who are born toothless! Sharks’ teeth vary in shape, depending on the type of shark and what it eats. For example, the shortfin mako shark has razorlike teeth for tearing, while the zebra shark has flat teeth for crushing the shells of the mollusks it likes to eat.

Sharks aren’t the only creatures God takes care of in unique ways. He comes up with some pretty unusual ways to take care of His people too. Think about the Israelites who wandered and camped out in a desertlike wilderness for 40 years. Their shoes and clothes never wore out! Then there was Elijah — God fed him by sending ravens carrying bread and meat. And the widow of Zarephath? Even in the middle of a terrible famine, her jars of oil and flour never ran out. What a miracle! Many more examples of God’s miraculous protection are in the Bible. The point of them all is that God takes care of His people, sometimes in amazing, creative, and miraculous ways. So you can always trust Him to take care of you. Just watch and see what creative ways He does it!

Lord God, You are amazing in all the different ways You take care of Your creation. Open my eyes to see how You take care of me.


Excerpted with permission from Indescribable by Louie Giglio, copyright Louie Giglio.

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Your Turn

Isn’t God so cool?! He’s amazingly creative. Isn’t it awesome how He designed every creature on land and in the sea including you! He cares about you! ~ Devotionals Daily

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