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Social Media: What Would Jesus Tweet?

More Than a Bucket List 9781400320790

Life is short and time is precious. If you are going to surf, let it be on a board off the Gulf Coast after a spring storm – not aimlessly on the Internet.

As Christians, we can’t make a difference in this world unless we are different. So be a good steward of your time online; have a purpose and a plan. Here are five questions, taken from, that will help you keep your focus when you’re online.

  1. What’s my plan and purpose for being online? Are you chatting without a point? Stop. Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in a plan for your online time.
  2. Am I majoring in the minors? Do you complain, judge, make sarcastic comments, post random nothings, or criticize others? Use your online time to share hope and lift others.
  3. What would Jesus tweet? Please – be interesting, funny, creative, unique, and opinionated. Just don’t allow bold, unique “you” to clash with the holiness and majesty of Christ.
  4. Am I influencing culture, or is culture influencing me? Are you fixed in your purpose and standing your ground, or are you easily (or subtly) swayed by the cultural banter, music, news, and assortment of morals swirling around you?
  5. Does my digital footprint point others toward heaven? If you added up your posts, comments, photos, profiles, tweets, and “likes,” would they point others toward heaven or confuse them about who Jesus is and why He came?

REAL-LIFE CHALLENGE: Place your Bible on your laptop before you go to bed each night – kind of like a padlock. This will remind you to pray before you get online each day.

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Live With Compassion

  • Help a young person jump-start their career.
  • Pick up the check at a restaurant for a police officer, firefighter, or member of the military.
  • Salute a soldier. Tell him or her thank you.
  • Surprise a friend with a gift—and don’t identify the giver!
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Pay for a single mom’s groceries.
  • Set aside one afternoon a month to write thank-you notes and love letters. Mail them.
  • Grow your hair out, and then donate it to Locks of Love.
  • Take a homeless person to lunch. Listen to his or her story.
  • Become skilled at giving.
  • Become skilled at receiving.
  • Be part of a relief effort.
  • Adopt a soldier during his or her tour of duty.

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Excerpted with permission from More Than a Bucket List by Thomas Nelson, copyright Thomas Nelson, 2012.

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Your Turn

Where are you on the social media issue? Do you enter into (or start, perhaps?) drama, conflict, or airing dirty laundry online? Would people know from what you post that you are a disciple of Jesus? Come join the conversation on our blog! We would love to hear from you about the tricky issue of social media. ~ Devotionals Daily