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Spring Craft For Kids: Be The Hands Of God

Spring Craft For Kids: Be The Hands Of God

It’s been a LONG winter here in Upstate, New York.

The kids and I have experienced our share of stir crazy moments, but this spring craft brought a little sunshine to our day. My children are at a “hands on” age, and they love hearing me say, “Let’s make a craft!” But as a busy mom, I’m all about crafts that are fun AND easy.

hands project 2

For this spring craft for kids, you will need the following supplies (no painting involved – we just loved the above photo!). You can adapt the materials as needed based on your current supply stash:

  • construction paper
  • stickers
  • crayons/markers
  • paper bags
  • glue stick/tape
  • Bible

hands project


1. Have your child pick out his/her favorite color paper.

2. Cut out the bottom of a paper bag (right above the flap).

3. Tape the paper bag onto the bottom of the paper.

4. Cut out a green stem and tape it inside the bag (flower pot).

5. Cut a circle for the middle of the flower.

6. Trace your child’s hand three times.

7. These three hands will be the petals. Tape them to the flower appropriately.

8. Have your children decorate their page with things (pictures, stickers, words) about how they can use their hands to help, bless others, and glorify God.

9. Look up Bible verses to write on their page about this topic.

Little children, let us not love in word or talk, but in deed and in truth. – 1 John 3:18

10. Discuss further how they can each use their hands to glorify God, like:

  • helping clean up toys
  • giving someone a hug
  • clapping for someone who did a good job
  • helping someone cross the road
  • folding hands to pray
  • drawing a get-well card

The book One Hand, Two Hands is a great resource for this very discussion! It spurs conversation about how their little hands are a blessing for God that they can use to help others. The rhyming text is catchy and cute and my children really enjoyed the illustrations. Sometimes as parents we can forget that things as simple as our hands should be used to glorify and honor God in our daily lives.

* * *

Your Turn

What are some fun crafts that your family does during spring time? Maybe this spring craft for kids could be a new way to start conversations in your home about how our hands might bless and serve others!