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Springtime: New Beginnings

Springtime: New Beginnings

Spring is when everything comes to life, flowers bloom, animals come out of hiding, and people start emerging from their houses. We Seattle-ites sort of hibernate during the rainy season just like animals do so it’s nice when the weather starts warming up and raining less. We love going outside, hiking and just enjoying nature.

As Christians, spring is also the time that we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus — Easter. Because His death and resurrection means eternal life for us, we get to celebrate the new life of spring here on earth and real spiritual life forever with Him in glory!

Here is a list of a few things to get you enjoying springtime.

  • Enjoy the tulips. In Washington we have a Tulip Festival.
  • Find a new trail to go hiking on, make it a family adventure.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt at the park. Maybe even look into GeoCaching.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Pack a picnic.
  • Eat a meal outside at a café.
  • Dig for worms.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Look for four-leaf clovers in the grass.
  • Swing as high as you can on a playground swing.
  • Jump in puddles.
  • Pet a bunny.
  • Feed the ducks at a pond.
  • Eat jellybeans and Peeps.
  • Spot a rainbow.
  • Put your feet in the sand.
  • Listen to the birds singing.
  • Pick enough flowers to make a bouquet and give it to a friend or family member in need of the message that they’re loved.
  • Open your windows to feel the first warm breeze of spring.
  • Eat strawberries.

“God has written the promise of new life not just in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” – Martin Luther (paraphrased)

That quote can be found in the cute children’s book, Bunny’s First Spring. In Bunny’s First Spring, through really great pictures and simple story kids can learn all about how things come to life in spring. A baby bunny is born in spring and he sees the world as it is — new and beautiful. As the seasons change and winter approaches things start to die the bunny gets scared. His parents lovingly reassure him of the miracle of nature’s rebirth. Bunny’s First Spring is bestselling author’s Sally Lloyd-Jones’ latest picture book with award-winning artist David McPhail’s amazing illustrations. The story beautifully shows the seasons and life in a way children can understand.

Two other books that will remind your little one of spring are the Little Chick’s Bible and Little Bunny’s Bible. Both of these Bibles are plush-covered books that have simple classic Bible stories in them that show God’s love for them.

These soft and cuddly character storybook Bibles are easy for preschoolers and toddlers to carry around with them. They will be excited to open up the Bibles and learn and they would look amazing in an Easter Basket.

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