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Summer's Comin'... Can You Picture It?

Summer's Comin'... Can You Picture It?

Summer is definitely our family’s favorite season! We love to spend time at the lake, soak up the sunshine, and eat lots of ice cream! Oh, and who can forget s’mores?

I’m an extremely goal driven person, but when it comes to summer, part of me wants to throw all those goals out the window. Here are some ways to have it both ways – to stay on track with your goals and yet still have a laid back summer full of wonderful, happy memories!

Stay Active, Stay Engaged, & Stay Purposeful

  • Physically – Get out and play with your kids as often as possible. Give them lots of attention and affection.
  • Mentally – Do a lot of reading and playing games together. Ask your kids thought-provoking questions each day.
  • Spiritually – Read the Bible together and memorize scripture. Ask your children what God is teaching them often.

Teach them to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up. – Deuteronomy 11:19

Can You Picture It? – Create a Summer Picture Memory Book!

Start by taking a picture each day of your children doing some of their favorite summer activities. The daily photos will be a fun way to look back and see how your children grew and progressed over the summer.

Here are some daily prompts for the month of June to get you started. Take a picture each day of of your child(ren) doing the following:

June 1 – Blowing bubbles

June 2 – Drawing a picture

June 3 – Reading a book

June 4 – Playing outside

June 5 – Riding their bike

June 6 – Playing with a ball

June 7 – Visiting a local zoo

June 8 – Playing at the park

June 9 – With something red

June 10 – With something green

June 11 – At your local Library

June 12 – Visiting a friend

June 13 – Helping you make a special treat

June 14 – Drawing with chalk

June 15 – With you

June 16 – With their sibling(s) or cousin(s)

June 17 – Selling Lemonade

June 18 – Eating ice cream

June 19 – Riding a carousel

June 20 – Petting an animal

June 21 – Lying on the grass

June 22 – Having a picnic

June 23 – Practicing a talent

June 24 – Looking out the window

June 25 – Drawing a card for someone

June 26 – Having family devotions

June 27 – Wrapped in a towel

June 28 – Their feet

June 29 – Their hands

June 30 – In Water

These are fun ideas spark your imagination! Go out of order. Come up with your own ideas. Ask your kids for their ideas, too! Why stop at Summer? This is a fun activity you can carry on year-round!

Stay On Track With Summer Devotions

With Every Day A Blessing you can spend an entire year discovering God’s blessings and cultivating an attitude of gratitude! Just as it is with us, it’s so important for kids to be reminded how richly blessed we all are and to practice thankfulness. The adorable art by Carolina Farias (the same illustrator for the Jesus Calling® Bible Storybook) brings the text to life for wide-eyed little ones. Planting the seeds of gratitude at an early age will benefit your children for years to come! The Scripture and takeaways are great ways to help develop thankfulness. In this new age of a selfish “me mentality”, kids will learn that life doesn’t have to be perfect for them to see God’s blessings and His love for them. This book emphasizes that all of our blessings come from God above!

Your Turn

What are your Summer Goals for this year? Are you inspired by this photo-a-day project to dive into summer fun with your kids? Leave your comments on the blog. We would love to hear your ideas for summer activities with your kids!