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Take God at His Word

Take God at His Word

What He says He will do, He does. What He promises, He makes come true. — Numbers 23:19 NCV

We need to learn to take God at His word.

Sounds easy enough, especially when it’s smooth sailing. But in the midst of a storm, even the disciples of Jesus needed a reminder. On one occasion He told them,

Let us go over to the other side. — Mark 4:35 NIV

They did. En route to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, however, their boat encountered “a furious squall” (Mark 4:37 NIV). The sky opened, and buckets of water fell, and waves threatened to upend the boat. The disciples turned to Jesus and found Him sound asleep! They screamed,

Don’t you care if we drown? — Mark 4:38 NIV

Jesus woke up, stood up, commanded the storm to shut up, and then said to the disciples,

Do you still have no faith? — Mark 4:40 NIV

What a stunning rebuke! The sea was raging; the water was churning. Why did Jesus scold them?

Simple. They didn’t take Him at His word. He said they were going to the other side. He didn’t say, “We are going to the middle of the lake to drown.” Jesus had declared the outcome. But when the storm came, the disciples heard the roar of the winds and forgot His word.

Storms are coming your way. Winds will howl, your boat will be tossed, and you will have a choice. Will you hear Christ or the crisis? Heed the promises of Scripture or the noise of the storm? Will you take God at His word?

~Glory Days

Excerpted with permission from God Is With You Every Day by Max Lucado, copyright Max Lucado.

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Your Turn

What has God told you that He will do? What has He promised you? Do you believe Him? Are you taking Him at His word? He is faithful to cause His promises to come true! Come share your story of God doing what He said He would do! We want to hear from you!