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Teaching Boys Success through Time Management

mother and her son lying on the bed,Raise Him Up book for single moms raising black boys from Thomas Nelson

Oh, Father Time—that ever-present, ever-passing, ever-dominating element of life.

We can try to manage it; for certain, we can’t control it. Time continues at a steady pace that never changes. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t respect any person, and we’re all given the same amount on any given day.

Sixty seconds in every minute. Sixty minutes in every hour. The hours turn into days; the days turn into weeks; the weeks turn into months; and before you know it, months have turned into years. And oh, how fast the years roll by! I’m sure your baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. Where do the years go?

Therefore, teaching boys success through time management is one of the first lessons we need to make sure your son masters. Whatever he does in life, he is up against the clock, so he must get to it—homework, SAT testing, getting into college, finding a job, and the list goes on.

As his mother, you must take seriously your duty to call him on to greater things. Your urging must be done now.

If he’s in preschool, it’s time to urge him on. If he’s in elementary school, encourage him to excel. If he’s in middle school, exhort him to press harder. When high school days arrive, challenge him to give it all he’s got. Even when your son passes that magic age of eighteen, do not stop urging him to surpass expectations.

The Journey to Success: Dare to Dream

Don’t allow your son to put off the journey to success. Exhort him to get on the path to success today. Putting it off will only give him less of an opportunity to attain the dream and waiting will only push the dream further away. Time is of the essence and every precious second counts. Procrastination is the enemy of opportunity. Opportunity is what you have in your possession. Your son is your opportunity to dream of what can be in spite of what has been.

What has been your story? Very few resources? Limited access? Sleepless nights?

Begin focusing on what can be: many resources, limitless access, and nights of peaceful rest. You can’t delay because you’ve been denied. Instead, you have to demand of your son and of yourself that the dream will live and not die. Never mind what is missing. It only matters what is present.

Begin moving him in the direction of his destiny, and don’t let circumstances or people around you talk you out of it. Be dedicated and determined to arrive at the place where your dreams live. I know, with this mind set, your efforts will be rewarded and your dreams for your son will be realized.

(This is not a solo effort. You may be a single mother, but you are not raising him on your own. The God of the Bible is an expert on parenting. I think He knows a little about raising a son.)

So, dear sister, you are facing what is called the “tyranny of the urgent.” You see, the urgent demands you give whatever you have to meet a challenge . . . right now! You can’t wait to make your move. So now that you have your goal for your son in your sight, you have to seize the moment.

While it is true time marches relentlessly on, this moment can mark the beginning of a profound life change. If you can help your son capture the moment, he can capture his dreams. The opportunity is here and you are ready! This moment can make time stand still as your son’s dream comes into view.

Now that’s time management! Nothing wasted, everything gained, and no procrastination!

Your Turn

If you’re going to help your son capture the dream of success, you first better find the courage to stand up, raise your voice, and proclaim the victory. Will you put into use all the tools at your disposal to reach your son and call him forth into the destiny God has prepared for him?

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