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Thank You, Teachers!

Thank You, Teachers!

Teachers are:




Hard working



Seed sowers

Here’s a top-tier lesson we all learned in the last few years due to Covid: we are SO grateful for teachers! Wow! These incredible people have skills and gifts from God that are just special.

Teachers, we see your passion. You are innovative, determined, and clever. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Your job is part instruction, part cheerleader and you’re so good at it!

You are caring, empathic, and compassionate. We hear about your generosity and secret kindnesses. The encouraging stickers, the little notes on tests, the thumbs up at just the right moment — thank you. We know you’ve shared your lunches. We know you’ve given away your personal items. We know you’ve paid out of your pocket for students’ needs and it speaks of your tremendous magnanimity. You may not know it now, but our kids need you. They may not even show it now, but they are grateful, too.

Your hours are long, we know! Teaching isn’t a 9-5 business and we appreciate the time you put in to grade papers, meet with students, meet with parents, plan your lessons, not to mention all the hours you think about school and your classroom kids. We see your intentionality and caring and it means so much to us!

Your support of the out-of-the-box learner and the way you find avenues for teaching that get through have our deep respect. You are innovative. You’re truly inventive when extra help is needed.

You are advocates for the ostracized and disenfranchised. You motive others to be inclusive and break down barriers like racism and welcome people in. Bravo!

Teachers, you sometimes see what we parents don’t and can’t. Skills, hopes, dreams, passions, trouble areas, and worries. You’re our eyes and ears at school and wow, we are so grateful! We love our kids with all of our hearts and are thankful to have such gifted people looking out for their unmined diamonds as well as areas that could trip them up later on. We are training them up in the way that they should go in life and care about them, but you are as well and for that we are thankful.

  • Our kids will remember your impact on their lives.

I remember Mrs. Bearden, my 4th grade teacher from Carden Elementary as the kindest, most loving, gentlest, funniest, and most supportive teacher I ever had. She changed my life because she made me feel like she just knew that I would succeed and that she would be cheering me on. I will love her forever! And, I remember Miss Cella, my Latin teacher from Corona del Mar High School. She was crazy and fun, and so wicked smart and inspiring. She made ancient Italy fascinating and Latin my very favorite subject because she was a whirwind of joy, laughter, and amare. Amazing.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7 so give the teachers in your life some love with a note, a gift, a wild flower, a hug, or a smile. They deserve it!
~ Laurie McClure, FaithGateway editor