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The Anatomy of a Lament

The Anatomy of a Lament

The great 4th century Church Father, Athanasius once said:

“The Psalms have a unique place in the Bible because [whereas][whereas] most of Scripture speaks to us, the Psalms speak for us.” Join me in my study, The Epic of Eden: The Book of Psalms and let’s learn together how the prayers of the ancients can speak into our lives today.

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Written for Devotionals Daily by Sandra L. Richter, author of The Epic of Eden.

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Your Turn

Are you in a crisis? Is your health failing you? Is persecution knocking at your door? Go to the Psalms and pray them to the Lord. You can find so much comfort in the laments and prayers of our ancient brothers and sisters who cried out to God in circumstances beyond their ability to handle. Come share your thoughts and prayers with us! We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily