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The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine

A happy heart is like good medicine. — Proverbs 17:22 ICB

Whether you giggle, tee-hee, or guffaw, laughter is one language that everybody speaks. You don’t have to learn to laugh either. It’s a skill you’re born with. Babies start to laugh when they’re only about three months old — long before they learn to say mama or dada.

Real laughter is one of those things that just happens. Something seems funny, and before you can even think That’s funny, your brain has you laughing. But you can’t make yourself really laugh. (Go ahead, give it a try.) Laughter is also contagious. If you hear someone laughing, chances are, you’ll soon be laughing too. Some people even claim laughter can heal you — like medicine. Scientists aren’t sure about that, but we do know that laughter is fun, helps you make friends, and makes you feel good inside.

Laughter is a gift from God.

It heals our heart and gives us joy. God even tells us there is a time to laugh (Ecclesiastes 3:4). But there’s a huge difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone. Don’t use laughter like a weapon to hurt others or to tear them down. Always try to treat others the way you want them to treat you (Luke 6:31) — and nobody likes to be laughed at!

Laughter is a gift, and it’s meant to be shared. A funny story and a good laugh might be just the medicine a friend needs during a tough day. Remember, words and actions — yes, even laughter — should always be loving and kind… and that’s nothing to joke about!

Lord, thank You for the gift of laughter. Help me to use it in a way that makes You smile and brings the joy You’ve given me to others.

How Great

There’s nothing like a tickle fight to get the laughter and giggles going. But here’s a question: Can you tickle yourself? As it turns out, the answer is no. A big part of the reason you laugh when tickled is because you’re surprised. If you try to tickle yourself, your brain knows what’s coming. You’re not surprised, so you’re not tickled!

Excerpted with permission from How Great Is Our God by Louie Giglio, copyright Louie Giglio.

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Your Turn

You know what we need right now? A little more laughter! Forget the news for a moment, forget the lockdown for a little bit… let’s laugh! It’s a gift from God! Tickle fight, anyone? Come share your thoughts with us on our blog. We want to hear from you about the best medicine! ~ Devotionals Daily